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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University


Graduation Process

Each degree-seeking graduate student must be enrolled in at least two hours of courses eligible for graduate credit during the graduating semester (defined as the semester in which they satisfactorily complete all degree requirements).

Filing for Graduation

Students are required to file the following forms within the first month of the semester of intended graduation. Completion of the following forms is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

  1. A revised Plan of Study must be submitted to and the Program office notified by email for approval by the Committee or Assistant Director. The final plan of study should reflect all classes successfully completed for degree requirements. Once approved by the Committee or Assistant Director, the plan will be forwarded to the Graduate College.
  2. A Graduation Clearance form should be filled out by the student and submitted with the revised Plan of Study.
  3. A diploma application should be filed with the Registrar’s once the Graduate College has approved the revised plan of study and Graduation Clearance Form. In addition to the above requirements, international students must also file a final semester verification form with the Office of International Students and Scholars.

For current information on OSU commencement events, including a link to live streaming of the upcoming Graduate Commencement Ceremony on its scheduled date, please click here.