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Spears School of Business

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Providing expertise 

We strive to give the OSU MBA Program Leadership Team and the Dean of the Spears School of Business objective and independent perspective on important issues that impact the program and its students. Our members, all being OSU MBA graduates, bring an informed view of what works with employers, how the program translates into successful careers and which influential trends in the business world should influence the direction of the MBA program. We advise on curriculum, alumni relationships, and strategic planning.

Serving students

  • Identifying and securing appropriate points of contact in the MBAA Board members’ respective organizations.
  • Participating in educational experiences including mentorships, speaking to classes, and hosting corporate visits.
  • Coordinating internships and industry experiences.
  • Providing expert counsel to assist in continuing the development of the MBA Program.
  • Assisting the leadership team in securing resources to support the MBA Program in pursuit of its missions.
  • Guidance on creating workplace ready graduates.

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