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Everything you need

to bring your business idea to life
The Riata Center of Entrepreneurship has all the tools and resources you need to build your idea from the ground up. Need to talk through your ideas? Meet with a genius to learn about what initiatives you need to take advantage of.

What we offer

Pitch and Poster Competition

All businesses start with a cool idea, and before committing to writing a business plan, a pitch and poster competition is the perfect way to get feedback on your business idea or product. 

Business Plan Competition

Competitors compete by writing and entering a 10-page business plan for their venture. The competition is open to OSU students from any discipline with or without business experience.

Fail Up Night

Open to the public, Fail Up Night is designed to encourage a conversation aimed at removing the negative stigma of failure. Seasoned entrepreneurs share their “failure” stories with students and encourage them to understand that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Riata Startup Experience (RSX)

 The Riata Startup Experience (RSX) is a three-phase program for OSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni entrepreneurs interested in pursuing the venture creation process. Each phase is designed to develop a concept or grow an existing venture via learning opportunities, one-on-one coaching, and university and external competitions.

Riata Internship Program

The Riata Internship Program provides startups, corporate innovation centers and small businesses the opportunity to identify and assess potential full-time hires and gain campus visibility.

White Box

In an effort to promote experiential opportunities for education, innovation, and student-owned businesses, the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship launched an initiative that will provide OSU students a public venue through which they will be able to test, grow, and operate their unique startups.

36 Degrees North

36ºN is a basecamp for local entrepreneurs set in a building with over 11,000 square feet in the heart of Tulsa’s Brady Arts District. It is the central gathering point for the city’s entrepreneurial
community, resources, and programs.

Pre-Seed Fund

The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Riata Pre-Seed Fund provides early-stage startup capital, typically even the first external investment, to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of any currently enrolled OSU student. The Riata Pre-Seed Fund is open for applications three times per year: spring, summer, and fall.

Startup Frenzy

Oklahoma State University students will learn about creating a small business from the ground up in this three–day, immersive experience. Students will pitch ideas within formed teams, and be guided by skilled mentors during this developmental process.


The Cowboy100 is a celebration to acknowledge the business and leadership achievements of Oklahoma State University graduates. The Cowboy100 highlights the contribution of entrepreneurial graduates from across the university and their positive influence on OSU, our students, and the state of Oklahoma.

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