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Spears School of Business

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A different kind

of learning
We highly believe that business is personal and by having personalized learning experiences students can live and learn in an environment that caters to their unique personalities. 
The Spears School of Business offers multiple opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of their majors through experiential learning labs and programs. These opportunities are designed to push students to become the leaders of the future business world and allow them to gain valuable experience in a safe, educational setting. 

Experiential learning programs

Taylor's Restaurant

Taylor's offers a fresh, themed buffet weekly prepared and served by students in the program. The students preparing and serving your food are in our Restaurant Operations course, a practical laboratory style class, through the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

Study abroad

Through the short-term study abroad trips with the Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement, Spears Business students have the opportunities to learn hands-on about international business and different cultures. 

Planet Orange

Planet Orange Café, through the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, brings you flavors and fun as a quick service restaurant concept lab. More than 120 students rotate weekly through this operation learning about concepts and strategies all while creating a great dining experience. 

Planet Orange Express

Brought to the Business Building by School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Planet Orange Express has coffee, teas and snacks.

Riata Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Riata Center is the catalyst for entrepreneurial education, support, and outreach for Oklahoma State University students, faculty, staff, alumni and the state of Oklahoma.

Wayne Hirst Center for Beverage Education

The Wayne Hirst Center for Beverage Education, through the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, explores trends and challenges in the beverage world while providing students with an integrated, collaborative and interdisciplinary curriculum.

Career Readiness

The Eastin Center’s goal is to guide and support students, so they are prepared to pursue professional opportunities, practice continued growth and fully realize their potential. The center assists with job searches, career fairs, interview preparation, resume and cover letter writing skills, development of career competencies and professional mentoring.

Student Managed Investment Fund

The Finance Department is home to the Student Managed Investment Fund, which offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience managing a portfolio of financial assets with a value of approximately $1 million.

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