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Breakfast, lunch or a delicious beverage

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has made its way to the Business Building with Planet Orange Express, located on the first floor next to the Watson Trading Floor. Offering Starbucks beverages and your favorites foods from the original Planet Orange, stop by before or after class.


First day of opersation - August 21
Last day of operation - December 8
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Need a platter for a meeting? 
  • Planet Orange Express menu


    Caffe latte                            


    Caffe Mocha

    Flavored latte


    Espresso Favorites                 

    Caramel macchiato               

    White Chocolate Mocha


    Brewed coffee                         

    Freshly Brewed Coffee

    Traditional Iced Coffee


    Tazo tea

    Hot tea                                     


    Coffee Alternatives

    hot chocolate       

    white chocolate  


    Café Americano  




    Extra espresso shot

    Add flavored syrup

    Add caramel sauce

    Alternative milk


    Rotating selection of grab and go, wraps and sandwiches 

  • Meeting menu

    Need a platter for a meeting? 





    Coffee Traveler | $20

    Pikes Place Blend coffeecoffee traveler

    8 – 12 oz cups


    Breakfast Platter | $25

    breakfast platterServes 12-16

    Lunch Platter | $60

    lunch platterAssorted ham or turkey wraps and croissants

    serves 12- 16

    Cookie Platter | $15

    cookie platterAssorted cookies of chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and monster

    Serves 6

    Sweet Platter | $30

    sweets platterAssorted mini cookies, lemon squares, brownies, and Oreo bars

    Serves 12-18

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