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Spears School of Business

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Spears Business is committed to improving the world through impactful research conducted by our faculty and students.


the power of research
We are pleased to recognize and share the impactful research from Spears Business that provides academic knowledge that educates and inspires our students and helps improve businesses.
Spears Business faculty and students are committed to improving the world through research, which is evident by the numerous accepted publications our faculty have submitted to top peer-reviewed journals. Our scholars work closely with Spears Business undergraduate and graduate students, providing them with hands-on experience and mentoring that helps develop their intellectual curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Magazine spotlights achievement

Highlighting Spears Business faculty and student research
Discover@Spears highlights the scholarly activity of Spears Business faculty and students. We proudly share the research of our accomplished faculty and the outstanding research and teaching that makes a difference.
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