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Spears School of Business

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Creating value and understanding global markets

The Department of Finance has many accomplished, internationally known scholars including an OSU Regents Professor. The faculty have diverse research interests in the areas of market microstructure, algorithmic trading, risk management, corporate governance, financial literacy and financial planning, plus other areas. They have published in top finance journals including the Journal of Financial Economics, The Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the Journal of Banking and Finance. Several faculty members serve on the editorial boards of prominent financial journals. 
View the Department of Finance's complete compilation of faculty research for the 2021-2022 school year in the Research Abstract Report 2022. 

Corporate finance

Joe Byers

Risk management, corporate finance, enterprise risk management, commodity markets, asset valuations, portfolio management, derivatives, investments

David Carter

Corporate governance, risk management, bank management, financial markets

Ramesh Rao

Corporate governance, capital structure, payout policy

Betty Simkins

Risk management, corporate finance, enterprise risk management, commodity markets, natural gas, derivatives, crude oil futures markets

Emma Qin Wang

Market microstructure, information asymmetry, price discovery, limit orders, options trading, trading behavior of individual investors and institutional investor, firm valuation, debt maturity, investments

Jun Zhang

Corporate governance, managerial incentives, capital structure, institutional investors, stock price crash risk, informed options trading, individual investor trading, algorithmic trading, financial markets and institutions

Financial markets and institutions

Gregory Eaton

Market microstructure, retail investors, mergers and acquisitions, stock return predictability

Brian Roseman

Market microstructure, market quality, limit order books, algorithmic trading, option trading, textual analysis


William H. (Bill) Dare

Sports gambling, real estate finance

Louis Piccotti

Empirical asset pricing, quantitative finance, market microstructure

Eric Sisneros

Margin investing, asset pricing, stock returns

Shu Yan

Return predictability, asset pricing anomalies, risk management, behavioral finance

Personal finance and financial planning

Amit Bansal

Financial literacy, personal financial planning, securities industry

Nancy Titus-Piersma

Financial literacy, managing personal debt, saving for retirement, insurance, budgeting

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