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Oklahoma State University
School of Accounting

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Save the DateThe School of Accounting is dedicated to excellence in accounting education by providing the highest quality instruction and curriculum in all degree programs, useful and timely accounting research, and continuing education programs and other professional outreach activities.

The accounting profession is an integral part of a dynamic business environment and is experiencing rapid change as a result of technology and a global economy. As a student in the School of Accounting in the Spears School of Business at OSU, your coursework will emphasize technological, cognitive and communication skills and will encourage you to recognize the importance of professional ethics, personal responsibility and the continuing development of leadership skills.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you will complete 120 hours of undergraduate course work. If you desire to become a Certified Public Accountant, you should arrange to enter the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) or the accounting master’s degree program at the end of your studies. In addition, double majors and minors are common for accounting students. Particularly popular double majors at OSU include: accounting/ agricultural economics, accounting/finance and accounting/management information systems.

Accounting Careers

Field Description
Auditing A certified public accountant (CPA) examines an organization’s financial statements and issues an opinion as to the fairness of the statements. Many CPAs work for themselves and spend most of their time consulting with small businesses.
Cost Management These accountants provide information that helps managers control operations and make decisions. They are key players on management teams.
Tax Accounting Tax accounting is a rapidly growing area of employment in the governmental sector as systems become more sophisticated.
Accounting Systems The accounting department is the largest information system in most organizations. With the move toward client/server computing, there is an enormous increase in the demand for graduates with a strong background in both accounting and management information systems.
Government Accounting All levels of government employ large numbers of accountants. Accounting provides an excellent opportunity to combine a rewarding career with public service.
Forensic Accounting Forensics is a rapidly growing area and involves performing “financial detective” work to support legal cases.

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