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Spring 2024

January 5

Justin Blann, Georgia Tech
Professor Blann's research focuses on financial accounting and auditing. Using archival methods, his research examines the causes and consequences of regulatory and standard-setting actions.

February 16
Tom Lopez, University of Alabama
Professor Lopez examines analyst forecast, corporate restructurings and executive compensation.

March 29
Eric Rapley, Colorado State University
Oklahoma State Ph.D. Alumni
Professor Rapley's research interests focus primarily on two aspects of financial accounting: financial statement auditing and financial reporting discretion. He is interested in auditor's risk assessments and the informativeness of audit reports. He is also interested in companies' use of discretion in their financial reporting.

April 12

Ph.D. Alumni Research Conference 

April 19

Ed Owens, University of Utah
Professor Owens' research examines how accounting information resolves (or exacerbates) information asymmetry in capital markets, and spans three core areas: debt markets, financial analysts and methodological issues.


April 26
Stacie Kelley, University of WisconsinProfessor Kelley’s research focuses on the intersection of financial and tax reporting. She is particularly interested in information related to tax reporting that is reflected in firms’ publicly available financial statements and what the information reveals about the firm’s tax-planning strategies, as well as how the market uses or values that information.


Fall 2023

September 8

Andrew Imdieke, University of Notre Dame

Professor Imdieke’s research focuses on internal controls over financial reporting as well as factors that impact audit quality.


September 29

Patrick Kielty, The Ohio State University

Professor Kielty's primary research interests are in the areas of auditing and gender diversity issues in accounting.


December 1

Quinn Swanquist, University of Alabama

Professor Swanquist's research interests include auditing, capital markets, corporate governance, and research methods.



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