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Accounting - Undergraduate

The School of Accounting has been preparing students since 1926 to become trusted accountants, advisors, auditors, and financial reporting and tax experts who support businesses and organizations in the global marketplace. The nation’s top accounting firms and corporations actively recruit and hire OSU accounting students each year. School of Accounting alums are leaders in many of these organizations.


At the undergraduate level, students select one of two options. The External Reporting, Control, and Auditing option is designed primarily for the student who is planning to become a CPA.  These students would typically enroll in an accounting Master’s program after completing their undergraduate degree. 


The Internal Reporting, Control, and Auditing option is designed for students who prefer to start their careers in a corporate setting, typically as a management accountant or internal auditor. This option provides students with the foundation needed to become certified as a CIA and CMA.


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