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Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate Students

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Spears School students

Today's business world is one of excitement and challenge, offering individuals a strong professional future as well as an opportunity for meaningful social involvement and civic service.

As a student in the nationally ranked Spears School of Business, you will gain knowledge and skills necessary to land that first rewarding job. We produce outstanding business leaders by offering challenging courses that are enhanced by real-life case studies, valuable internships and hands-on training in our state-of-the-industry computer labs.

More than 100 dedicated faculty members provide practical and progressive coursework that reflects the dynamic global economy of today. Classes may include guest lectures from successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, live case analysis experience, and the development of key critical thinking skills.

Student Academic Services

Professional academic advisors are at your service in Spears Business. These advisors assist you with developing appropriate plans of study for each semester based on your major. They also help keep you on track for a timely graduation date. Advisors are specifically trained as specialists for individual majors. In addition, your academic advisor can help you make decisions about Spears Business travel (study abroad) programs, electives, and pursuing a minor if you are interested.

Career Services

Spears Business has its own dedicated career professionals to assist you in beginning your career following graduation. Starting in the freshman year, help with matching a major and career path is provided through career exploration and development of a four-year career plan. Next, help with writing résumés, cover letters, and enhancing interviewing skills takes center stage leading to a successful search for an internship during the sophomore and/or junior year.

In conjunction with OSU Career Services, the Spears Business Career Services Office provides four major job fairs each year as well as an online employment resource known as the HIRE System and

Student Organizations

There are more than 20 student organizations associated with Spears Business. Many of these are specifically related to your major, while others are honor societies. Each has a designated faculty member serving as an advisor as well as elected student officers within the club. Many of the Spears School student organizations have received state and national recognition for their performance and activities. Joining a student organization can begin a process of networking that will lead you to a more enjoyable and successful college experience. You never know, the senior you meet in a student organization as a freshman may be in a position to hire you for you first job following graduation.


Spears Business awarded 641 awards totaling $1,026,685 in scholarships to undergraduate students for the 2016-2017 school year. These numbers continue to grow as donors recognize the value of providing assistance to college students. Students are encouraged to check deadlines and apply for both OSU and Spears Business scholarships.