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It's our job to help you.

The Chesapeake Energy Business Student Success Center believes in a holistic approach to advising, beginning with prospective students, who are interested in programs through Spears Business. Once admitted to OSU and assigned a Spears academic advisor, you will be guided by people who are eager to motivate, encourage and support you throughout your time as an undergraduate business student.
We explore majors and career options, create an academic plan of action, guide you toward university resources and serve as a mentor and an advocate.

Benefits of student academic advising include:

  • Empower you to recognize your potential and grow from challenges
  • Develop a trusted relationship with someone who recognizes your strengths, your potential and how best to support you
  • Ensure your academic and personal success through intentional questions and active listening
  • Serve as a reliable source to help you through problematic situations while working to grow problem-solving skills in yourself

What we help you with:

  • Set academic, professional and personal goals
  • Connect you with university resources
  • Explore majors and career options
  • Build an academic plan
  • Incorporate study abroad and internship opportunities into your degree plan
  • Create a safe space for difficult discussions
  • Serve as an advocate
  • Write letters of recommendation
  • Ensure your academic and professional success through a Spears Business mentor
  • Foster relationships between you and Spears Business faculty members

Advising FAQs

  • How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

    To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, visit Slate and login with your O-Key information.  Once you have logged in, you will be able to access your advisor’s calendar to view availability, and schedule an appointment. 


    You can also schedule an appointment by contacting the Chesapeake Energy Business Student Success Center at 405-744-2772 or stopping by our front desk.


    If after scheduling an appointment, you are no longer needing to meet with your advisor, please be sure to cancel as a courtesy.  You can cancel your appointment by contacting our office at 405-744-2772, or through Slate.


    If you have any questions, or items to discuss, that you feel do not require an appointment, please feel welcome to contact your advisor via email.

  • How often do I need to meet with my academic advisor?

    You will need to meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester in order to have the ‘advisor’ hold removed from your account.  Please note, the ‘advisor’ hold on your account prevents registration, so you cannot enroll in courses for the upcoming semester until meeting with your advisor.  You should receive an email reminding you to schedule an appointment as your enrollment date approaches.


    Although you will need to meet with your advisor at least once per semester, we do encourage you to schedule an appointment with your advisor as frequently as needed.  Please remember, your advisor is here to assist with an array of needs

  • Do I need to meet with my advisor during my final semester at OSU?

    If you are currently in your graduating semester, you do not need to meet with your advisor for the ‘advisor’ hold to be removed.  The ‘advisor’ hold remains on your account your final semester at OSU. 


    However, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with your advisor if needed.  Please be sure to remain vigilant in checking your emails, in case there is any important correspondence from your advisor (or other), during your final semester.

  • How do I schedule an appointment for tutoring?

    The LASSO Center’s Tutoring Program is a service available to all OSU students, consisting of one-on-one tutoring assistance. Tutoring appointments can be scheduled through the STAR System.  The LASSO Center can be reached via phone at 405-744-3309.


    Interested in additional tutoring opportunities?  Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides an interactive, peer-led collaborative environment, giving students the opportunity to be engaged through cutting edge learning techniques for various courses.  The SI program is offered through the LASSO Center, in addition to one-on-one tutoring. The LASSO Center can be contacted for any questions you may have regarding SI.

  • Can my advisor assist with questions regarding financial aid?

    For questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid .

  • Can my advisor assist with questions regarding on campus housing?

    For questions regarding on campus housing, please contact Residential Life 

  • If I have transfer/concurrent credits earned through another college/university and/or AP scores, do I submit those to my academic advisor?

    You should notify your advisor if you have any transfer/concurrent credits earned, or credit earned through AP examination that is not viewable on your OSU transcript; also, be sure to notify if you have any IB or CLEP examination credit that is not viewable on your OSU transcript.  This information is important to share with your advisor for planning purposes. 


    However, all official documentation, such as official transcripts from an outside college/university or examination scores (AP/IB/CLEP), needs to be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for credits to be applied to your OSU transcript.

  • Can my advisor assist with Pre-Professional (Pre-Health or Pre-Law) advising?

    You should discuss your interest in Pre-Health or Pre-Law with your advisor, so that he or she is aware for degree planning purposes, and to be connected to helpful resources.  However, OSU offers Pre-Professional academic support services to assist students whom are exploring careers in health care and law.  Please visit for additional information and to schedule an appointment for Pre-Health or Pre-Law advising.

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