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Spears School of Business

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The Dean’s Office (370 Business Building) begins accepting applications for the annual scholarship program for continuing students at the end of each fall semester.

For these scholarships, you will be provided with a link to apply via email when applications open. Most scholarships are awarded for the fall and spring semesters of the following school year. For any questions, contact Angie:

Scholarshipsfor Spears Business students

Majors in the Spears School of Business have the opportunity to apply for a number of different scholarships. One Spears Business application is used for selection for most scholarships. The majority of the scholarships are awarded during the spring semester for the upcoming academic year. One half of the scholarship is disbursed into the students’ bursar accounts the beginning of each semester (Fall/Spring) after the drop/add period ends.  A student must maintain scholarship criteria in order to retain the scholarship(s) for the awarded year and re-application for the following year is required for future scholarship awards. Students who complete and submit the Spears Business scholarship application are automatically considered based on GPA, financial need as determined by the FAFSA, activities or other criteria such as hometown or major when required by donor.  The amount of each scholarship is determined by the program or based on remaining need and other scholarships received. 


General scholarshipsStudents who complete and submit the Spears Business scholarship application are automatically considered based on GPA, financial need as determined by the FAFSA, activities or other criteria such as hometown or major when required by donor.

Allen, Bess Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Allen, Mark and Jennifer Endowed Scholarship

Anderson, Christopher Memorial Scholarship

Arnold, Shari Seibert Family Endowed Scholarship

Ashby, Steven E. Memorial Scholarship

Bacy, Kedric Q. and Theoscar Meares, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Bale, John T. and Beverly Scholarship

Barclay Family Endowed Scholarship

Barnes, Arlene White Scholarship in Business

Blair, Mark and Dee Anne Endowed Scholarship

Boeing Scholarship

Boggs, Dayna and James Boggs Endowed Scholarship
Bovee Family Orange Impact Endowed Scholarship

Branstetter, Olin D. Memorial Scholarship

Brenneman, Ralph A. and Peggy A. Endowed Scholarship

Brown, David W. and Karen Bale Business Scholarship

Bryan, Judson and Mary Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bryant, Kevin and Deni Endowed Scholarship

Burris, Edward C. Scholarship

Buster Family Scholarship

Butler-Clyne, Mary Sue Scholarship

Byford, Robin Endowed Scholarship

Cathey, John B. and Nancy S. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Center for Legal Studies and Business Ethics Scholarship

Charlson, E. Virginia Endowed Scholarship

Choctaw Nation Business and Leadership Endowed Scholarship

Coleman, Craig Michael Memorial Scholarship

Community Champion Scholarship Sponsored By Bank Of Oklahoma

Crane, Diane and Doyle Wright Endowed Scholarship

Crownover, Barbara and Paul Endowed Scholarship

Cunningham Family Endowed Opportunity Scholarship

Delk Family Endowed Scholarship

Di Iorio, Charles and Alice Family Endowed Scholarship

Donaldson, Robert H. Scholarship Fund

Dyer, Ann Endowed Scholarship for Champions

EFH Southwest Oklahoma Business Diversity Endowed Scholarship

Eichor, William Frank Spears School of Business Endowment

Elwell, Lucas Scholarship for International Studies

Everett, Greg and Shannon Endowed Scholarship in Spears Business

Ferguson and Madison Endowed Scholarship

Fisher Family Endowed Scholarship

Fisher, Ron and Chris Endowed Scholarship

Franklin, Charles E. Endowed Scholarship

Franz, Alan G. Scholarship

Frontier Federal Scholarship

Garrison, Lloyd Scholarship Fund

Geis, Duane V. and Lois B. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gervais, Major Bernard & Margaret Endowment for Veteran Support Scholarship

Gilmore, Charlie and Phyllis Endowed Scholarship

Glasco Family Endowed Scholarship

Glass, Ike and Marybeth Endowed Scholarship in Spears School of Business

Hawkins, Andrew Benjamin Memorial Scholarship

Heath, Julie Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Hedden, Audra Renee Endowed Scholarship

Hedges, Jerry and Linda Scholarship Fund

Hensley Family Scholarship for Undergraduates

Herzberg, Jerry and Carole Endowed Scholarship

Hill Family Scholarship in Business

Hiney, Michael Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Hobbs Family Scholarship

Holliday, James E. Endowed Scholarship

Horner, Norman S. “Jack” Scholarship Fund

Hyatt, Michael S. Endowed Scholarship in the Spears School of Business

Ingham Family Scholarship Fund

ISNetworld Scholarship

Jackman, James M. International Study Scholarship

Jeffery-Brown Scholarship

Jenkins Hulsey Scholarship in the Spears School of Business

Johnson Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

Jones, Griff and Mindi Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kanady, Sue and J.C. Endowed Scholarship

Karns, Vickie L. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lawson, Dorothy A. Memorial Scholarship for the Spears School of Business

Lemon, Glen and Helaine Memorial Scholarship

Lessley Family Endowed Scholarship

Lewis, Adams, Barber Endowed Scholarship

McGrew Family Endowed Business Scholarship

McMahan, Jerry and Stacy Scholarship

Medley, Christopher D. Endowed Scholarship

Miller, Lou and Connie Charitable Foundation Endowed Business Access Scholarship

Molloy, Brent Scholarship

Moss, Marilyn Betche Wagstaff Endowed Scholarship

Mullman, Don Frank Scholarship

Natural Gas & Energy Association of Oklahoma Scholarship

Ness, Ralph and Doloris Endowed Scholarship

Newton, James L. and Sheila A. Scholarship Fund

Oelke, Michael Endowed Scholarship

Olson, Gary and Linda Endowed Scholarship

Padgett Family Endowed Scholarship

Pearson, Alan and Cheryl Scholarship

Phelps, William W. and Dorotha L. Scholarship in Business

Phillips 66 Shield Scholarship

Polk, Jan and Eddie Endowed Scholarship

Pollard, Mike and Glynda Endowed Scholarship

Powell, Dick and Carol Ann Endowed Scholarship

Puckett, David and Betty Endowed Scholarship

Quible, Zane K. Endowed Business Scholarship

Reilley, Dennis and Cindy Endowed Scholarship

Riley, Jack Scholarship

Rodriguez, Rafael and Emily Endowed Scholarship
Roth, Robert and Marilyn Endowed Scholarship

Routh, Alan Scholarship

Sailor, Rod and Lanna Sailor Endowed Scholarship

Savage, A. O. Scholarship

Savage, Neal Scholarship

Schedler, Carl Memorial Scholarship

Schendel, Travis E. Endowed Scholarship

Schmunk Family Scholarship

Scott Family Scholarship

Seidle Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Sellers, Kim and Debbie Endowed Scholarship

Seretean, Martin B. Scholarship

Sharpe-Leach, Steffany Endowed Scholarship

Soderstrom Family Endowed Scholarship

Sooner Federal Scholarship for Business

Spears School of Business Roger and Cindy Cagle International Scholarship

Spears School of Business Orange Impact Scholarship

SSB Ambassador Scholarship

SSB General Scholarship

SSB LLC Scholarship

Swinka, Edward J. Scholarship Fund

Tepe, Elmer Endowed Scholarship

Thomas, Raymond D. Scholarship

Tolbert, Phil D. and Patricia T. Dean’s Endowed Scholarship

Tracy, David L. Revocable Trust Endowed Scholarship

Turner, Bill and Barbara Endowed Scholarship

Union Pacific/Champlin Petroleum Scholarship Fund
Veterans Endowed Scholarship in Spears School of Business

Wade, Suzanne Allford Endowed Scholarship

Watson, Charles L. and Kim R. Continuing Leader Fund

Waychoff, Kasey Memorial Scholarship

Webb, Jana Sue Cook Endowed Scholarship in the College of Business

Weber and Greene Family Endowed Scholarship

Whitlaw, Dorothy & Gareld Scholarship Fund

Whitlaw, Mark Endowed Scholarship

Whitman, Kirk Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Wiese, Harry and Maxine Endowed Scholarship

Williams Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Woodson, Thelma Pat Scholarship

Wyatt Insurance Agency Scholarship
Wyers, Randolph and Eve Riley Endowed Scholarship

Wyers/York, Greg and Suzanne Endowed Scholarship

Yeaman, Karen Rider Scholarship

Yingling, Briand and Elizabeth Endowed Scholarship 

Zink Family Scholarship for Spears Business


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