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Oklahoma State University
School of Marketing and International Business

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

International Business Careers

Entry into an international business career often is through an initial position within a traditional field such as finance or marketing. However, there are also a number of areas in which firms are dedicated to international business and trade. Thus, there are a number of career tracks that international business majors can follow. Here are just a few:

International Advertising and Promotion

There are a variety of firms that are involved in advertising and promoting products internationally. Sometimes these functions exist within other firms. Here are some area that attract international business graduate.

  • International advertising agencies
  • International trade shows and trade fair organizers
  • International media buyers and brokers

Export/Import Intermediaries

Export/Import intermediaries are firms that assist other firms in developing their international business. There is wide range of intermediaries that vary in terms of the service they provide and the region, if any, they specialize in. Here are some types:

  • Export Management Companies
  • International Trading Companies
  • Export Brokers
  • Manufacturer’s Export/Import Agents
  • Export Trading Companies

Logistics, Shipping and Freight Forwarding

International business means moving materials across borders. This involves a wide range of businesses that serve businesses including:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Transportation and Shipping Companies
  • International Shipping Insurers


Governments are invested in helping their domestic companies to find opportunities for business overseas. They are also invested in monitoring, controlling, and taxing material crossing their borders. This provides another possible career track for international business majors including:

  • Customs bureaus
  • Trade promotion agencies
  • Export counseling agencies
  • Trade and border security agencies
  • Export/Import licensing agencies
  • Export credit agencies