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Assisting students

The HTM Advisory Board fulfills a crucial role by serving as informed internal and external advocates for students, faculty and staff. The HTM Advisory Board provides knowledge and skills that enhance the curriculum and enrich the classroom experience as well as facilitates relationships with alumni and external partners as a means to raise awareness of, and stewardship for, the advancement of HTM.



Tom Gilliland

Vice President

Joe Martin


David North


Mike Hamblin

Past President

Paige Shepherd, EdD


Jim L. Barnard

Zach Craig

Jeff Dixon

Brian Ferrell CMP, DMCP

Megan Naifeh Fleischfresser

Gary Goldman

James Leewright

Mark Kreul, Ph.D.

J. Mays

Peter McMahon

Ban Nguyen

Travis Owens

Bill Ricks

Joe Sebestyen

Skip Seeley

Robert Williams

Associate Members

Sarah Drescher

Leslie Johnson

Jared Morrow

Danielle Wright


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