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Brij Thapa

Professor & Head/William E. Davis Distinguished Chair  

Silvio Ceschini

Instructor of Professional Practice/Food and Beverage Services Manager    

Yeasun Chung

Associate Professor    405-744-9338

Mark Cochran

Instructor of Professional Practice/Executive Chef     405-744-2520

Tony Collins

Instructor of Professional Practice/RNDC/NAIFEH Director of Beverage Ed Center       405-744-8481

Heidi Hoart

Instructor of Professional Practice405-744-8661

Jinyoung Im

Assistant Professor        405-744-8484

Hailin Qu

Regents Professor Emeritus     405-744-6713

Steve Ruby

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice                          405-744-7110

Bill Ryan

Professor                       405-744-8485

Lisa Slevitch

Associate Professor/William S. Spears Fellow in Business       

Kevin Kam Fung So

Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator/William E. Davis Professor

Willie Tao

Assistant Professor        405-744-6712

Stacy Tomas

Assistant Professor          405-744-1336

Steven West

Instructor of Professional Practice


Debbie Marlow

Senior Administrative Support Specialist              

Ashley Peterson

Assistant Manager Food and Beverage Services   

Donald Thiery

Chef/Coordinator of Culinary Experiential Learning           405-744-7143


Ph.D. Students


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