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Brij Thapa

Professor & Head/William E. Davis Distinguished Chair

Silvio Ceschini

Instructor of Professional Practice/Taylor's Manager

Mark Cochran

Instructor of Professional Practice/Executive Chef

Tony Collins

Instructor of Professional Practice/RNDC/NAIFEH Director of Beverage Ed Center

Jinyoung Im

Assistant Professor

Hailin Qu

Regents Professor Emeritus

Steve Ruby

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Bill Ryan

Professor Emeritus

Lisa Slevitch

Associate Professor/William S. Spears Fellow in Business

Kevin Kam Fung So

Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator/William S. Spears Chair in Business

Stacy Tomas

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Steven West

Instructor of Professional Practice


Debbie Marlow

Senior Administrative Support Specialist

Ashley Peterson

Manager, Food and Beverage Services, Event Planner

Donald Thiery

Chef/Coordinator of Culinary Experiential Learning

Ph.D. students

Bardia Batala

Research areas: Consumer behavior in tourism and hospitality, services marketing, hospitality entrepreneurship and brand management.
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Slevitch

Yan Cao

Research areas: Consumer behavior, food waste management and consumer responses to food labels.
Advisor: Dr. Willie Tao

Nohema Garcia Castaneda

Research areas: Food service and education, environmental sustainability and workplace dynamics.
Advisor: Dr. Willie Tao

Yueying (Carrie) He

Research areas: Destination marketing, social media marketing, customer engagement and service innovation.
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kam Fung So

MD Zaker Hossin

Research areas: Consumer behavior in hospitality and tourism; environmental issues and sustainable behavior; micro-entrepreneurship in the sharing economy; guests' trust and behavioral intention.
Dr. Yeasun Chung

Hongyan Hu

Research areas: Consumer behaviors, tourism economy, smart tourism, destination marketing.
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kam Fung So

Choonghyoung (Alexis) Lee

Research areas: Organizational behavior, human resources management, work stress and employee well-being.
Advisor: Dr. Bill Ryan

Philomena Maleto

Research areas: Consumer behavior, Emerging technologies and marketing strategies.
Advisor: Dr. Jinyoung Im

Can Olgun

Research areas: Social media and brand management, sociological antecedents of service encounter dynamics, subconscious marketing and experimental design.
Advisor: Dr. Brij Thapa

Dazhi (Daisy) Qin

Research areas: Hospitality financial management, hospitality strategy management, sustainable tourism and customer behavior.
Advisor: Dr. Yeasun Chung

Kyong Sik Sung

Research areas: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, customer-brand engagement behavior, creating shared value and sentiment analysis.
Advisor: Dr. WIllie Tao

Abraham Terrah

Research areas: Consumer behavior in services marketing, technological innovations in hospitality service, security and privacy concerns of IoT devices in hospitality and tourism.
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Slevitch

Jiyoun (Jay) West

Research areas: Organizational behavior, diversity, equity and inclusion, female employees in the hospitality industry.
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Slevitch


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