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Oklahoma State University
Center for Sales and Service Excellence

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University


Interactions between frontline employees and their customers form the building blocks from which businesses are made. Many undergraduate students join organizations at entry-level positions where the focus is on customer-related activities, including sales, retail, and customer service. Similarly, lots of students pursue careers in professional services, such as medicine or law. And some entrepreneurially-oriented students create their own careers by starting their own companies. In any of these instances, understanding the interaction between employees and customers is critical for business success.

Suppose that you spend thousands of dollars on traditional marketing communications – or maybe you devote many hours of your time developing a social media campaign – in order to get customers through the doors. All of your time and money will be wasted, however, if the customers arrive but their interactions with employees are less than satisfactory. Think about it—have you ever decided to NEVER return to a business because of poor service? On the flip-side, has there been a time when you have discovered service providers so wonderful that you would follow them to ANY business where they may work?

The Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence offered through the Center provides an opportunity to build a strong foundation for the lifelong development of an outstanding service/sales mentality. We offer a range of courses to give specialized training on effective customer interaction. All required coursework fits within the structure of the marketing undergraduate degree program. Those seeking the certificate will complete 9 hours of required coursework and select another 6 hours of coursework that best fit their particular interests (certificate requirements). In addition, internships or other “hands on” forms of learning are a required part of the curriculum so that you may put your course knowledge to the test in a realistic work environment. The faculty members you will encounter while taking courses integrated into the certificate will include people who have not only conducted original research about the point of interface between employees and customers, but who have also worked and managed in such contexts, bringing theory and application together to help facilitate a unique learning experience. Finally, the faculty directors of the center work with industry professionals to ensure that the skills being developed for completion of the certificate are the same skills that employers are seeking. As a result – if you do your part – you should be perfectly positioned to walk into a great job after you complete the degree and certificate.

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