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Set yourself apart

Read through testimonials from a few of our exceptional CSSE students about their journey. Learn what you can expect from joining the program as a student.
Mikaela Stamper

I joined CSSE because I see myself pursuing a career in sales, so I thought having this certificate would look great for recruiters. I had no idea how much this program would give me. I have gained confidence in myself, which was incredibly helpful when going through interviews for post-graduation jobs. I have not only learned how to sell myself, but also sell a product or service. I have been able to put the skills learned in the classroom to use at sales competitions. I had set a goal to work for a Fortune 500 Company and because of CSSE I was able to achieve this dream and will be working for Cintas. I think others should join this program, because of the endless opportunities it offers. You have peer mentors who help you see your best qualities. You can build skills within yourself while also getting exposure to companies who are excited to continue to recruit students from this program, which speaks volumes to me.

- Mikaela Stamper
Chris Greene

As a student pursuing a degree in marketing, the most popular track in Spears, I wanted to join a professional organization to differentiate me from my talented peers. When I heard an overview of what the CSSE program entailed, I immediately knew it was what I was looking for. From competing in sales competitions against students from over 80 different universities, to interviewing and hearing from successful sales executives at monthly meetings, the Center has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and has developed me in a way no other organization ever has. I owe my new job upon graduation solely to my involvement in the program over the last year and a half.

- Chris Greene
Andrew Bovee

I am so excited to be a part of the Oklahoma State Sales Club and CSSE. I decided to join so I could learn more about sales because I have always been interested in working with people and trying to make their lives better. After just the first meeting, I knew this was the place for me so I decided to get as involved as I could, eventually becoming the new club President. I have learned so much already and being a member of the Sales Club has already allowed me to interact with executives that could play a key role in my future, including a marketing director from Paramount Pictures! The CSSE is growing quickly, and I am proud to be part of such a fantastic program that is already impacting so many lives.

- Andrew Bovee
Shayla Carlson

As a student pursing a degree in Finance, I see the importance of the sales world. I joined the Center for Sales and Service Excellence organization to gain more insight and learn how to operate sales efficiency and effectively in my future career. Ever since I have been a member of the CSSE, I have had such amazing experience with connecting with other dedicated members, worked close to the director to expand my involvement, and exposure of the true definition of work ethic. I assisted the director in this organization, and I would not be so successful and driven if I did not join the CSSE. The CSSE truly focuses on how to build sales skills to be victorious in your future.

- Shayla Carlson
Jordan Perkins

As a student who has been pursuing a career in sales since high school, the CSSE allows me to set myself apart from the traditional marketing degree while in college. Through the sales courses, CSSE meetings and networking, I have truly been able to study the habits that make a salesperson successful and apply them to my own life.

- Jordan Perkins
Lexi Barry

The CSSE program has been one of my favorite organizations I have been a part of because of the opportunities and wisdom I have gained from professionals in the industry. One of the best takeaways from this organization was competing in the Sales Competitions, which is when students are presented with a product and they are challenged with selling that product to real-life employees from that company. The real-world experience that I have gained from being in the CSSE program is unmatched by any other organization I have been a part of in college. You should join the CSSE organization because of the amazing opportunities and knowledge you will get by being a part of this awesome organization. If you are interested in internships (which you should be), then this organization is perfect for you because you get to connect with professionals in all industries and get to meet recruiters personally before Career Fairs. From my personal experience, I got an amazing internship with Hilti because of my conversation with the recruiters that I only could have met through the CSSE program. Hands down, the CSSE program is going to open doors for you and provide you with a wealth of knowledge.

- Lexi Barry
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