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Oklahoma State University

Tailored for Professionals


Executive Lifestyle

The program is offered in an executive format requiring four days a month for 10 months a year in residencies. Classes are also supplemented by online interaction. Core curriculum for the program consists of eight courses. These courses cover macro and micro organizational issues, creativity, innovation, and a broad and comprehensive spectrum of research methods – qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. In addition, several concentration courses and applied research practicum are offered.

Executive Progression

Year 1

(Principles of EMB, Concepts in Innovation)

  • Using research for competitive advantage
  • Existing knowledge compilation
  • Identify new knowledge opportunities

Year 2

(EMB and Innovation Process)

  • Integration of relevant data
  • Transforming knowledge into application
  • Cohort and academic collaboration

Year 3

(Innovation in Practice, Ph.D. in Business Administration: Executive Research Option Awarded)

  • Application of conceptual knowledge
  • Hands on organization engagement
  • Demonstration of new knowledge and independent scholarship