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Oklahoma State University
Ph.D. in Business for Executives

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Tailored for Professionals

Executive Lifestyle

The program is offered in an executive format requiring three days a month, on-site, for classes, 10 months a year in residencies, plus one to two days travel time to Stillwater, Oklahoma, for the residencies. Classes are also supplemented by online interaction. Core curriculum for the program consists of ten courses. These courses cover macro and micro organizational issues, theory, and a broad and comprehensive spectrum of research methods – qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. In addition, several synthesis courses and applied research practicum are offered.

Executive Progression

Year 1

(Principles of EMB, Concepts in Innovation)

  • Using research for competitive advantage
  • Existing knowledge compilation
  • Identify new knowledge opportunities

Year 2

(EMB and Innovation Process)

  • Integration of relevant data
  • Transforming knowledge into application
  • Cohort and academic collaboration

Year 3

(Innovation in Practice, Ph.D. in Business Administration: Executive Research Option Awarded)

  • Application of conceptual knowledge
  • Hands on organization engagement
  • Demonstration of new knowledge and independent scholarship