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Earning a Ph.D.

with professional experience
Oklahoma State University offers an AACSB accredited Ph.D. in Business Administration for executives that allows organizational leaders to earn a doctorate while continuing their full-time careers. The program is designed to bridge academic study and business practice through a rich research-based curriculum.


Curriculum & format

  • 60-credit hours may be complete in three years
  • Hybrid format with three-day monthly in-person residencies supplemented by recorded lectures and synchronous online classes
  • Extensive curriculum covering research design and methods, statistics, theory, strategic management, organizational behavior, marketing, entrepreneurship, and business analytics
  • Courses taught by senior researchers and instructors
  • Faculty-mentored group research practicums with the opportunity for publication
  • Doctoral dissertations conducted one-on-one with a faculty research advisor


Residency schedule


  • 2020–2021
     Fall 2020
    Dates Residency
    August 19–22 Dissertation Workshop, Cohort VII
    August 19–22 Welcome & Orientation, Cohort IX
    September 17–19 Residency 1
    October 15–17 Residency 2
    November 19–21 Residency 3
    Spring 2021
    Dates Residency
    January 21–23 Residency 1
    March 4–6 Residency 2
    April 8–10 Residency 3
    Summer 2021
    Dates Residency
    May 14–15 Residency 1
    June 11–12 Residency 2
    July 16–17 Residency 3
  • 2021–2022
    Fall 2021
    Dates Residency
    August 18–21 Dissertation Workshop, Cohort VIII
    August 20–21 Welcome & Orientation, Cohort X
    September 16–18 Residency 1
    October 21–23 Residency 2
    November 18–20 Residency 3
    December 10–11 Graduation, Cohort VI & VII
     Spring 2022
    Dates Residency
    January 20–22 Residency 1
    March 3–5 Residency 2
    April 7–9 Residency 3
     Summer 2022
    Dates Residency
    May 13–14 Residency 1
    June 10–11 Residency 2
    July 15–16 Residency 3
  • 2022–2023
    Fall 2022
    Dates Residence
    August 17–20 Dissertation Workshop, Cohort IX
    August 18–20 Welcome & Orientation, Cohort XI
    TBD Residency 1
    TBD Residency 2
    TBD Residency 3
    December 9-10 Graduation, Cohort VIII
     Spring 2023
    Dates Residency
    TBD Residency 1
    TBD Residency 2
    TBD Residency 3
    Summer 2023
    Dates Residency
    TBD Residency 1
    TBD Residency 2
    TBD Residency 3


Application Process

Learn about the admission process for Oklahoma State University’s Ph.D. in Business for Executives program.

Current Cohorts

Current students will show you how rewarding and manageable it is to earn your Ph.D. through OSU’s executive program.

Meet the team

Find out more about the faculty and staff who will be assisting as you earn your doctorate.

Alumni & Publications

See how alumni apply their knowledge to practice or transition to careers in academia where they continue their research.

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