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Oklahoma State University
Department of Economics

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide education in economics.


There are three components of the mission.

  • The first is to conduct nationally and internationally recognized research designed to increase our understanding of economics and law.
  • The second is to provide high quality, formal training in economics and law to undergraduate and graduate students at Oklahoma State University.
  • The third is to provide services to the School and University, our professions, and to state, local, and national governments.

Means of Fulfillment

The Department will fulfill its mission by

  • Conducting research that leads to publications in prominent scholarly journals.
  • Providing a thorough and meaningful education in economics and law to undergraduate students
    of the University – both those with majors in the Department and those from other programs.
  • Advancing the knowledge and skills of graduate students, both from the departmental graduate programs and from other graduate programs of the University, by conducting advanced seminars and supervising students’ own research programs.
  • Promoting the understanding of human behavior by conducting applied economic policy analysis for local, state, and national governments.
  • Providing service to promote the research and service needs of the economics professions.