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Building innovation

The Spears School of Business developed and offered one of the first analytics programs in the nation in 2004. Over time, Spears Business has continued to innovate and change course curriculum as needed to reflect current needs in the marketplace. The program is fully multi-platform and students get hands-on training with software and tools such as Alteryx, Azure, Data Bricks, GCP, Power BI, Python, R, SAS, SQL, Snowflake, Tableau and Tensor Flow. While the full-time program is designed to be 21 months, it is crafted in such a way to allow students to pursue flexible internships/externships with companies that can last from 3 to 11 months in the last year of a student’s program.

Program development was spearheaded by Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, professor and director of the Master's in Business Analytics and Data Science program, utilizing his engineering and marketing background to create a program which develops students’ coding, quantitative and soft skills to wrangle, analyze and model large data, interpret the results and explain how such analysis solve business problems.

Certified to succeed 

Students from this program have won numerous awards in data mining and analytics shootouts, competing against universities from around the world. They have also presented papers at prestigious conferences and won scholarships to attend conferences.

1000+certificates in 15 years

making it the largest joint certificate program in partnership with SAS®.

90%of 2017-2019 graduates

received offers within three months of graduation

History in the makingSpears Business developed and offered one of the first analytics certificate programs in the nation. We are constantly evolving and innovating in this space to satisfy changing demands from the marketplace with various programs over many years.

  • 2004

    MSIS and Marketing departments at the Spears School of Business in OSU partnered with SAS®, a leading provider of data analysis and data mining software, to offer on-campus MS in MIS students to earn a jointly awarded “SAS® and OSU Data Mining Certificate.”

  • 2009

    The “Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining” started for working professionals (via online delivery of classes) with technical background who may not want to pursue a full master’s degree yet want to acquire data mining or, analytics or data science skills by taking a series of courses online.

  • 2011

    Another new joint certificate titled “SAS® and OSU Marketing Analytics” was launched for on-campus MBA and other graduate students with non-technical backgrounds who want to learn analytics for making better decisions without doing any programming.

  • 2013

    The “Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics” was started for working professionals (via online delivery of classes) with non-technical background who may not want to pursue a full master’s degree yet want to acquire analytics skills by taking a series of courses online without doing any programming.

  • 2014

    The data mining certificate was expanded to 3 certificates: the data mining (basic level), the predictive analytics (advanced level) and the marketing data science (expert level) certificate with increasing course and certification credential requirements. Open source programming in R and Python was introduced to students.

  • 2015

    A new degree program “MS in Business Analytics” was started for both on-campus students and working professionals (via online delivery of classes) with technical background. The curriculum was carefully designed to be interdisciplinary and multi-platform with emphasis on both technical skills (programming and statistics) and non-technical (soft skills) using commercial as well as open-source software. At the same time MS in MIS degree program started with a specialization option in Data Science for both full-time students and working professionals.

  • 2019

    OSU opted to create one common program. MS in Business Analytics was merged with MS in MIS with the Data Science option for both full-time students and working professionals under the name of “MS in Business Analytics and Data Science.” 


    This program incorporates the best options from both degree programs by including an integrated core set of data science experiences along with advanced analytics and soft skills training, while allowing the students to specialize in areas such as marketing analytics, health analytics, among others. Software used in training increases rapidly to include Alteryx, AWS, Google Tensor Flow, Power BI, Python, R, SQL, SAS and Tableau.

  • 2020

    MS BAnDS partnered with Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences and Business school to create Four + one programs such that selected undergraduate students become eligible to begin their MS BAnDS graduate program starting in their senior year.

  • 2021

    MS BAnDS started dual degree program where students can get two MS degrees by partnering with Industrial Engineering, Accounting and UPAEEP. Graduate students enrolled in the 3 programs can earn both degrees with a reduced course load.


    SAS certificate names (data mining, predictive analytics and marketing data science) changed to various tiers of SAS Specializations.


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