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Viewing a Lecture

To view lecture videos for your course, you can view streaming video or download a ZIP file to your computer. For connections with higher bandwidth, you can watch the lectures online via streaming video without downloading them. Alternatively, you can download the ZIP file of the lecture to your computer’s hard disk, extract the file, and view the lecture without worrying about the Internet connection.

Viewing Streaming Video Lectures


Viewing video streaming files requires a broadband Internet connection. If you don’t have a broadband connection, use the “Download this video” link at the bottom of the video.

  1. Make sure you have VLC viewer installed on your computer, and that you are using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  2. Once enrolled into a course, log onto Online Classroom to view the video lectures under the Content Tab at the top of the class website.
  3. Click the “play” button (lower left hand corner of the video) to begin playing the video.

Having trouble viewing a lecture?

Still having trouble after reading the help page? Request Video Lecture Tech Support