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Oklahoma State University

Scholarships and Financial Aid

General Scholarships
Graduate programs with scholarship pathways communicate to continuing and prospective students about scholarship opportunities through email.  Application windows vary per program. Applications for scholarships are usually open for submission during spring, with decisions made during summer, and awards starting with the fall semester in August

For more information on timelines, please check with the Watson Graduate School of Management staff at 405-744-2951.

CIE Application

To apply for CIE program, please click here.


Bagwell, David A. Scholarship Fund

Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Full-time MBA student, 3.0+ GPA

Bass, Robert A. Memorial Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time student in MSTM program

Bost, Armon H. Endowed Graduate Scholarship Fund*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA or MS in Economics student, Oklahoma resident, enrolled in 9 hours, employed, scholastic ability, leadership, need

CIE Scholars Program

Amount: $2,000 in one semester

Criteria: Enrolled in a graduate program

ExxonMobil Controllers Alumni Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time MBA student, outstanding grades and activities, top 10-15% of their undergraduate class or distinguished accomplishments during the first year of the graduate program

Farnsworth Graduate Fellowship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time MBA student, preference to married students with documented financial need

Farris, Linda and Richard Graduate Assistant Fellowship in Memory of William Lewis Zimmerman for the OSU Spears School of Business*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, holder of an undergrad degree from an accredited college or university, teaching assistant in any area of the Business School

Fowler-Jadlow Graduate Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time graduate business student, in good standing, preference to MBA student

Hamm, B. Curtis Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: $2000

Criteria: 1 male and 1 female MBA students, good GPA, preference to individuals with one or more years of work experience

Heidebrecht Family Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Financial need, preference to accounting and MBA students

Humphreys, Don MBA Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA student with an undergraduate degree in engineering and 3.0+ GPA

Hyatt, Michael S. Endowed Scholarship in the Spears School of Business*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Freshman, transfer student, or MBA student, 2.8+ GPA

Jadlow, Janice Wickstead Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Finance*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full time undergrad or grad student, finance major

Lathrop, James B. Family Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time graduate student pursuing MBA or Masters in Economics, 3.0+ GPA, preference to a student athlete who has completed his/her athletic eligibility

Leading Oklahoma: The Dan and Tiffany Howard Scholarship for MBA Students*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA student, preference to students who intend to pursue their careers within the state of Oklahoma

Leslie, Ed and Norma Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, strong academic record, need, 1st preference to an MBA student with an interest in insurance and/or financial management and risk management, 2nd preference to an undergraduate student with the same criteria

MBA Advisory Board Fellowship

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Enrolled as a graduate student in the Watson Graduate School of Management

MBA General Scholarship

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA student

MBA Scholarship

McDowell, Michael and Brenda Graduate Assistantship

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, graduate student, fully qualified based on the MBA program’s criteria for a graduate assistantship, preference to students who graduated from high school in Alfalfa County or in Northwest Oklahoma per Oklahoma Tourism Department’s definition of the region

Merrill Family Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time graduate student, 3.0+ GPA, 1st preference need, 2nd preference leadership, 3rd preference students with an undergraduate degree in Education or Arts and Sciences

Minson, J. Rhett MBA Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA student with an undergraduate degree from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, 3.0 undergraduate GPA, need, leadership

Nahrgang, Willard and Sherry Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, MBA student, 3.0+ GPA

Pappas Family Doctoral Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time doctoral student, preference to a female pursuing a doctoral degree in management or marketing

Phillips, Paul D. and Lois Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Fund*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Working on dissertation
(Separate application required.)

Rahe Endowed MBA Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, MBA, 1st preference to a student with an undergraduate 3.0+ GPA, at least 2 years of work or military experience, 2nd preference to a recent technical degree graduate from either the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Engineering, Architecture, or Technology

Rao, Ramesh and Uma P. Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time, graduate or doctoral student majoring in Finance, 3.5+ GPA

Sharda, Ramesh and Usha Family Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full time graduate student, merit, need, preference to students who have graduated form a high school in a country outside of the U.S. and/or enrolled in the MSIS program

Tatum, Thomas and Mary MBA Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full time, MBA, graduate of an Oklahoma high school, undergraduate GPA of 3.0+

Wilson, Duane Endowed Graduate Assistantship

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full-time graduate student, Accounting major, financial need, good character, 3.25+ GPA

Wylie, William L. and M. Sue Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Full time, graduate student, need, 3.0+ GPA

Yee, Bruce Endowed Scholarship Fund*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: MBA student, minimum of 3.0 GPA

Zannotti, Gary Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable

Criteria: Financial need, graduate of an Oklahoma high school, preference to MBA students

*Endowed Scholarship

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Financial Aid Links

  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • Fast Web
    Requires users to register but the service is free to use.
    Offers a list of fellowships, loans, and assistantships that are both federally funded and provided by independent organizations. is an excellent source of information on graduate college.
  • Fatomei
    Offers a large list of financial aid programs, including aid from federal programs and private organizations.
    This $500 MBA Scholarship is open to all current MBA students and those planning to enroll within 12 months. Registration only requires applicant to leave a review of their GMAT Test Prep Company and/or Admissions Consulting Company.
  • National Indian Education Association
    For students of Native American descent. This site provides links to specific tribes’ websites, so check individual sites for application information rather than going by old deadlines listed on the NIEA site. Many scholarships are available for graduate students.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
    Most of the scholarships require applicant to be a member of the organization.
  • Scholarships for Domestic and International Students