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Oklahoma State University
Michael and Anne Greenwood Center for Online Excellence

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Admission Process

We are glad you are interested in learning with us at Oklahoma State through our business online learning programs and courses. The admissions process for online learning programs is a simple process, but needs to be followed to avoid unnecessary delays in your admission and course enrollment. For graduate students, the admissions process varies depending on your program. Undergraduate students must be admitted to OSU, through the undergraduate admissions office, to take an online learning course. See the appropriate section below to see what steps you will need to take.

Undergraduate Student Admission

Undergraduate students must be admitted to OSU, through the Undergraduate Admissions office. For a list of complete online undergraduate degrees, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Online Degrees webpage. 

For detailed information on how to apply for undergraduate admission, visit the Undergraduate Admission webpage, or contact the Office of Admissions at 405-744-5358.

Graduate Student Admission

For graduate students, the admissions process varies depending on your program.

  1. Research the particular business program at Oklahoma State University in which you are interested.
  2. Apply to the Oklahoma State University Graduate College – forms and procedures, as well as information about materials that will need to be submitted.
  3. Apply to the particular graduate program in which you are interested. The admissions process for online learning students is the same as for on-campus students. On your application, note that you are applying for the online learning program. Links to admissions information for each program are below.
  4. Once you are admitted, you will need to enroll. Consult with your advisor before enrolling. For detailed enrollment and advisor information, visit the Graduate enrollment page. If you are a student seeking courses to fulfill graduate degree requirements for another university or you do not have immediate plans to become a degree candidate but want to take a prerequisite course, you may be admitted to the OSU Graduate College as a special student. Special students are not in a particular degree program and do not have an adviser. Special students must meet all of the academic requirements described for qualified admission except that they need not be admitted or recommended for admission by a department or program. No more than three semester credit hours of course work taken as a special student may be used on a plan of study to meet requirements for a degree. Special Student Application Form.

    You will receive notification from OSU, as well as from the program to which you applied, regarding your admission status.

Current OSU Students

If you are already enrolled at OSU as an undergraduate or graduate student, you are eligible to take online learning courses. The enrollment process is the same as if you were enrolling in an on campus or resident course and can be located at the Online Learning graduate and undergraduate web pages.