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About the Spears School

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Core Curriculum

Why make upgrades to the Core Curriculum?

After nearly two years of consultations, meetings and discussions with students, recruiters, faculty, and OSU alumni from across the nation, Dean Ken Eastman sought the approval to upgrade the core curriculum in the OSU Spears School of Business. The OSU Board of Regents approved the recommended upgrades in June 2017.

What prompted Dean Eastman and the Spears Business leadership team to be advocates for the upgrades?

  • The core curriculum upgrades were driven by input from recruiters, advisory boards, and students.
  • A central focus of the change was to transform our core curriculum from a set of introductory courses for the respective majors to a rigorous, integrated set of courses that develop the essential knowledge and skills that all business majors need for career preparation and professionalism.

Based on feedback from recruiters and others, some of the key objectives were:

  • Help the diverse range of students to develop interpersonal skills, critical thinking, professionalism and leadership. In doing so, we not only give our students a distinct advantage in preparation for the entry-level job market but also foster successful transition and more rapid progression during their early career stages.
  • Ensure development of the technology skills of our students – particularly with respect to Microsoft Excel and data analytics, which are increasingly requested by employers.
  • Focus on applied accounting and financial knowledge (e.g., comprehension and strategic use of financial statements, preparation of budgets, etc.).
  • Use active and collaborative teaching methods so that students have numerous opportunities to practice their interpersonal and analytical skills, collaborate with peers, become better critical thinkers, and be career ready.
Ken Eastman

“I am very excited about our new core curriculum and I greatly appreciate the hard work our faculty committee put in to design the new courses. These courses will provide a more engaged learning environment for our students, while better preparing them for their careers and lives. We believe the curriculum will provide a competitive advantage for our students and the Spears School of Business.”

Ken Eastman
Dean, Spears Business

Jennifer Slatnick

“I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air to see Oklahoma State and specifically the Spears School understand the changing needs of the business world, and even proactively reaching out to employers to understand what companies are looking for in future employees.”

Jennifer Slatnick

Tom Occhipinti

“Since coming to Oklahoma State in the fall of 2014, it has been evident to me that Oklahoma State University and the Spears School in particular are constantly trying to find new ways to give students any advantage possible to build a brighter future. Because of the Spears School, I have been fortunate enough to intern in a variety of sectors, meet with countless alumni around the nation, and serve in multiple leadership roles on campus. The overarching lesson I took away from all of these experiences is that soft skills, or people skills, are the single most important thing a student can learn. I am grateful for advisors and professors at the Spears School who help students like me hone these skills, and I am extremely excited to be part of a school that is progressively shifting its focus to help Oklahoma State students maintain a reputation as students and graduates whom companies want to hire.”

Tom Occhipinti
OSU Finance major