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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Tuition and Financial Aid

All qualified students admitted to the Ph.D. in Business Administration program in the Management Science and Information Systems field of study are offered a half-time teaching position as graduate teaching assistants (GTA) for which they perform teaching duties as assigned by the department head for an average of 20 hours per week. Not only does the teaching position give students an opportunity to pick up teaching skills useful in their eventual careers as professors, it makes them attractive candidates during job search. Besides, the entire package has a number of financial benefits.

The position includes a full tuition waiver for eligible graduate courses and it carries a stipend of at least $15,000 for the academic year, which will be paid through the monthly payroll system at the end of each month not including summer months. In addition, the department may supplement the stipend annually with an amount up to $2,000. Besides the department supplement, there are top-tier fellowship opportunities for outstanding PhD students and possibilities for additional summer funding.

Doctoral students may apply for financial assistance with travel expenses associated with attending conferences to present papers or interview for faculty positions. The amount of the travel assistance will be determined at the time of the request.

In addition to the above compensation and tuition benefit, the single-person health insurance premium will be paid on your behalf, given your qualifying assistantship. This benefit adds $1,284 to the value of your financial package.

After the initial assistantship period, graduate students who continue to meet the expectations described above may seek continued financial support as GTAs. This appointment may be renewed subject to satisfactory progress toward your degree, satisfactory performance of assigned duties, availability of sufficient funds, and compliance with all Department, Program, Graduate College and University rules, regulations, and requirements.

Since you will be employed as a GTA with classroom responsibilities that involve oral communication with students, you must achieve at least (1) a 26 on the speaking section of the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) or an 8.5 or higher on the speaking score of IELTS or (2) a 22, 23, or 24 on the speaking section of the iBT or score of 7.0, 7.5, or 8.0 on the speaking portion of the IELTS and a passing score on the OSU-administered International Teaching Assistant (ITA) exam. The scored ITA exam is a five-minute verbal presentation on a subject of your choice, followed by a short question-and-answer session. The ITA exam is administered during the week before classes begin, so you must arrive in time to take it:

We fully anticipate that you will be successful in our doctoral program; however, please be advised that financial support can be terminated by the Department if you fail to meet these expectations.

Note that the stipend and other amounts presented on this website are subject to change.