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An MBA completed through the OSU Spears School of Business propels graduates beyond fundamental problem solving, into a higher realm of administrative versatility. Our program is flexible and imparts real-world preparedness to improve businesses and society over a lifetime. Ambitious professionals with niche market interests and anyone seeking to span services across a variety of markets will benefit from the prudent examination of why an MBA still remains an essential tool for dynamic movement along a career trajectory. In reality, the need for savvy leaders with strong analytical expertise and polished interpersonal communication touches every industry imaginable.

It’s no secret today's global business environment is increasingly complex and changes on an emerging basis. For this reason OSU’s disciplinary based curriculum is built on the foundations of teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation, and we maintain a proven record of effectiveness in view of business adaptability among graduates. The OSU MBA program can propel any motivated individual ready to stand out in today's highly competitive job market and unlocks mobility between industries.

Maintaining an excellent value with timely degree completion pathways and flexible venues remain ongoing priorities for the Watson Graduate School of Management. Our full-time, part-time and distance learning platforms equally deliver superior classroom experiences, mentorship, access to exclusive professional development, employment support and opportunities for permanent peer sharpening relationships. Simply put, the OSU MBA is designed to elevate business-minded individuals professionally and maximize personal networking potential at any stage of one’s career. We believe our alumni employment data speaks for itself:

  • Post-graduation data was gathered on 89.9% of the 308 students who graduated with a master’s degree in 2017. MBA statistics are therefore extracted from the broader data.
  • The percent who had employment, job offers, or other plans within 3 months of graduation: MBA graduates – 98.4% employed.

The data linked below derives from OSU MBA Alumni data available through LinkedIn.

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