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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Tuition and Financial Aid

Along with tuition waivers, admission to the doctoral program in the School of Accounting includes a teaching and research assistantship. The teaching assistantship typically involves teaching one section per semester after the student has passed comprehensive exams. Students are often able to teach a course in their area of research interest, and they are mentored by experienced faculty members who help develop their teaching skills. The research assistantship is provided in the student’s first and second years of the program. During this time, each student is assigned to a faculty member in their area of research interest to work on research projects. This allows the faculty member to mentor the student on specific research topics and often results in co-authorship on future research projects. Details regarding all potential forms of funding available to students are provided below.

Tuition Waivers:

Both in-state and non-resident tuition are waived for students who are awarded assistantships.

Research and Teaching Assistantships:

As of 2017, the assistantships provide an annual stipend of $18,030, payable over the 9-month school year. As the funds are available, the School of Accounting also provides an additional annual stipend of $2,000, payable over the 9-month school year. To receive these funds, the student is expected to work, on average, 20 hours per week in either research assistant or teaching duties, maintain full-time student status, and evidence satisfactory progress towards degree completion and assigned duties.

Summer Financial Support:

The School of Accounting provides $7,000 in scholarship funds each summer to all doctoral students in residence for the first four years of the program.

University-paid Medical Insurance:

Each doctoral student who is provided an assistantship is automatically enrolled in the university-paid graduate student medical insurance plan (this covers the student only). This benefit covers the annual cost of the insurance premium ($1,422 as of 2016) and provides coverage for the full 12 months so long as the candidate remains on an assistantship.

Other Grants and Fellowships:

Other financial aid awards, including grants, fellowships, and coverage of conference travel costs, are available to students based on their satisfactory progression through the program and availability.