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Oklahoma State University

Hospitality and Tourism Management - Faculty Expertise

Faculty Member Expertise Area  
Yeasun Chung
Associate Professor

Corporate social responsibility
Local/Sustainable food consumption
Competitive dynamics and business strategy
Strategic brand management
Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting
Food commodity price analysis

Catherine Curtis
Associate Professor
Organizational behavior topics within hospitality organizations, specifically pertaining to frontline employees
Ben Goh
Professor/Lanphere Professor

Workforce Development
Community and Industry Engagement
Cultural/Heritage Tourism Preservation 

Heidi Hoart
Teaching Instructor
Hazards communications as it pertains to the hospitality industry
Adapting hospitality information systems to a classroom setting by modifying software and creating workbooks and classroom exercises that give the students a knowledge base to assist their transition into managerial decision making
Kimberly Mathe Cuellar
Assistant Professor/Director, Wayne Hirst Center for Beverage Education

Wine marketing
Beverage management
Restaurant performance
Group dynamics

Li Miao
Interim Director/Graduate Coordinator/Professor

Consumer behavior in hospitality service consumption
Technology-and-human interactions at hospitality and tourism service encounters
Interpersonal dynamics at hospitality and tourism service encounters
“Emerging” consumer behavior at hospitality and tourism service encounters
Consumer responses to food labels and menu labels
Consumer responses to revenue management practices

Tiffany Poe
Teaching Instructor/Executive Chef

Developing food intelligence models 
Designing creative process experiences through gastronomy
Demonstrating food as a language through professional development programs
Integrated food studies and operational education models
Leadership Institute and food entrepreneurship conversations
Chaine des Rostisseur, ACF, CIA, ORA, WCR and extended food community representative

Hailin Qu
Regents Professor/Davis Chair

Hospitality and tourism consumer behavior
Hospitality and tourism service quality 
Hospitality and tourism brand and brand loyalty

Steve Ruby
Teaching Assistant Professor
Legal issues in hospitality and tourism
Human resources
Student Leadership Development
Bill Ryan
Organizational design behavior 
Hospitality education at the university and international levels

Lisa Slevitch
Associate Professor

Consumer and organizational behavior
Sustainable development in hospitality and tourism industry
Determinants of customer satisfaction
Farm-to-table sourcing

Willie Tao
Assistant Professor
Food service management
Restaurant service sabotage behaviors
Older adults’ dining behaviors
Big data analytics in research
Stacy Tomas
Assistant Professor
Rural/Sustainable Tourism Development and Marketing
Tourism Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Dar Yasseri
Executive in Residence

Lodging operations and management
Customer strategy
Leadership and organizational behavior
Revenue management
Adult Learning