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Receive two degreesEarn your Bachelor's and Master's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the same time

  • Position your future for barrier-free career advancement

  • Pay undergraduate block tuition for graduate-level coursework during your senior year

  • Capitalize on credit sharing between degree levels

  • Reduced MS tuition rate for non-resident & international students

What can I do right now?

Keep GPA strong

Plan to demonstrate you are prepared to enter into a graduate program by maintaining a strong GPA. Participating in summer internships early enhances your resume and secures evidence of early professional experience.

Begin to explore

Begin your 4+1 exploration with your assigned undergraduate advisor as early as possible (preferably Sophomore or latest by Junior year) to maximize potential for enrollment sequencing during your senior year.

When to apply

When classified as a junior, request an “Advisor Clearance Form” from your advisor and arrange an appointment with the graduate program advisor. You must complete 90-plus hours of undergraduate study to apply to the Graduate College.

How does it work?

The Combined 4+1 Degree Program offers a pathway for eligible students to complete a M.S. degree within five years. You do not have to graduate prior to enrolling in the M.S. program as qualified students in HTM can concurrently take up to 10 hours of graduate coursework that count for both degrees.

What are the benefits?

  • Get Two Degrees: Receive two degrees within five years as graduation from your B.S. degree is separate from the M.S.

  • Save Time & Money: Combined program expedites the M.S. degree in time/year and save the cost of ten graduate credit hours.

  • Advance Knowledge: Strengthen essential skills, managerial competencies, and industry familiarity.

  • Enhance Marketability: Increase opportunities for job placement and future career growth.

  • Engage & Network: Connect with industry professionals, alumni and leaders.


Junior year (B.S)

Apply to M.S. when enrolled in your 90th hour

  • Fall: 15 hours

  • Spring: 15 hours

Senior year (B.S/M.S.)

Start M.S. 5000-level courses while finishing your B.S. degree

  • Fall: Up to 6 M.S. credit hours

  • Spring: Up to 7 M.S. credit hours (not surpassing an overall total of 10 hours both terms)

  • Summer: 6 M.S. credit hours (optional)

Graduate year (M.S)

Finish M.S. coursework (requirements are 30 hours)

  • Fall: 10 M.S. credit hours

  • Spring: 10-12 M.S. credit hours

  • Summer: Optional

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