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Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

for Spears Business students


A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) at Spears Business must be enrolled as a full-time student in a business graduate degree program at either the Stillwater or Tulsa campuses.


The primary responsibilities of a Spears GTA support the University's instructional mission. They function under the supervision of an assigned graduate faculty member to deliver a variety of course support tasks while otherwise increasing their understanding of the discipline.


Services provided by a GTA may include: advising and mentoring of students; proctoring examinations; grading papers, homework, and/or projects; assisting with preparation and management of materials and programs that are utilized in imparting knowledge or in the instructional process; or providing other general assistance in the instructional process. 


The standard Spears GTA role requires 20 hours per week and currently provides a salary of $1,400 per month, reduced cost health insurance and a tuition waiver for all eligible courses completed. 



Roles are valid for one semester at a time, subject to meeting the conditions below, every semester:

  • Availability of sufficient funds
  • Full-time enrollment in at least 9 hours, except during the graduating semester, in which 6 hours is permissible
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.3 while retaining the assistantship.
  • Absence of academic integrity violations
  • Satisfactory performance of assistantship duties. Each graduate program may have specific obligations (duties, tasks, responsibilities) related to the GTA position, as outlined in the GTA offer to the student.
  • Satisfactory program progress


The only location to formally indicate interest in a Spears Business GTA role is within the academic program’s general application.  If you are selected for a Watson allocated role, you will be informed of the offer. Spears Business students are also welcome to pursue opportunities external to Spears. 

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