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The Department of Management Science and Information Systems (MSIS) understands that companies throughout the world require professionals with both the technical and managerial expertise necessary to thrive in an information-driven economy.
For 20 years, we have proudly produced professionals who have a highly developed set of business skills and the depth of knowledge to implement complex information systems—and keep them up and running. Our substantial growth has been fueled not only by the emergence of information technology as a fundamental cornerstone of business education, but also from the personal talents of dedicated faculty.


The Department of Management Science and Information Systems was established 20 years ago out of a growing need for a central hub for faculty and students who were passionate about discovering how to solve business problems using a variety of technology solutions. Technology was becoming an integral part of businesses and organizations. With this trend came the demand for a new set of skills that combined technical expertise with business acumen. OSU met this demand with a set of core courses with multiple elective options known as the Management Information Systems (MIS) major within the Department of MSIS. 



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