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Spears Assist is a resource center (located in BU205) where OSU students enrolled in MSIS 2103 (Business Data Science Technologies) or BADM 2233 (Business Analytics Fundamentals) can receive help and guidance with their analytics questions. Spears Assist is staffed with interns who were specifically selected for their analytic skills and desire to help other students.
Spears Assist is made possible by a collaborative effort between the OSU Spears School of Business and InterWorks with the goal of fostering strong data analytic skills in our students.
Spears Assist interns


Who will be helping me?

A highly qualified Spears student intern will assist you. All Spears Assist interns excelled in the content they learned in MSIS 2103 and BADM 2233. They also have completed customer service and consulting training provided by our partner, InterWorks, and the Spears Assist Coordinators, Dr. Evan Davis and Kim Strom.


Virtual Assistance

via Office365 TEAMS with appointment

Monday–Thursday, 6-9 p.m.
Sunday, 1-9 p.m.

In-Person Assistance

Located in BU205
Monday-Thursday, 12-5 p.m. (no appointment necessary)


Spears Assist Interns

  • Wesley Cannatti

    Major: Sports Management and Management Information Systems - Data Science 

    Favorite thing about analytics: Finding insights and being able to show that to others by telling a story with data.
    Most irrational fear: Snakes, specifically large snakes like pythons.

  • Aaron Chambers

    Major: Management Information Systems and Finance

    Favorite thing about analytics: Discovering the insight among all the noise in data.

    Most irrational fear: Emetophobia?

  • Oliver Homann

    Major: Management Information Systems - Data Science

    Favorite thing about analytics: The ability to answer/understand the “Why.”

    Most irrational fear: Grasshoppers.

  • Bhuvanesh Karani

    Major:  Management Information Systems - Data Science and minors in Information Assurance and Marketing

    Favorite thing about analytics:  Creativity, the options are endless. I consider myself right brained so when you can combine technical skills and artistic qualities, I’m there. Analytics is also very satisfying since everything can be condensed into an easy understanding and anyone can analyze it.

    Most irrational fear:  I have a fear of heights. Kinda hilarious considering I play basketball very often and it involves a lot of jumping.

  • Evelyn Larson

    Major: Marketing with a concentration in research and analytics and a minor in data science.

    Favorite thing about analytics: Creating visualizations for IT!

    Most irrational fear: Not washing my hands three times every time I need to wash them.

  • Danielle Nester

    Major: Management Information Systems and Marketing

    Favorite thing about analytics: Being informed. Analytics summarizes my approach to planning, preparation, and decision-making in my daily life: take in all the data I have and see what is optimal for the situation. 

    Most irrational fear: My ceiling fan falling on me while I am sleeping

  • Cameron Payne

    Major: Management information systems

    Favorite thing about analytics: I love the math and problem solving involved. I grew to enjoy using Excel, Tableau, and other software systems. This inspired me to switch my major from General Business to MIS.

    Most irrational fear: I’m terrified of spiders

  • Cade Pope

    Major: Management Information Systems - Data Science

    Favorite thing about analytics: How, if used correctly, can be used to tell a story with only numbers, data, charts, and graphs!

    Most irrational fear: Trypophobia! (the fear of holes).

  • Christina Taylor

    Major: Marketing & Management

    Favorite thing about analytics: I enjoy seeing how valuable data can be in daily decision-making. I like the ability that analytics can tell a story for all to understand, no matter our level of comprehension of any given topic.  

    Most irrational fear: There are a few animals that I do not like, but snakes are at the top of my list.  

Who can seek assistance at Spears Assist?

How is Spears Assist different than the Analytic Resource Center (ARC)?

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