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Spears School of Business

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Reshaping the workplace of tomorrow.
The landcape of work is changing rapidly. At the Center for the Future of Work, we believe that together we can shape a more sustainable human-centric workplace where we can thrive as a society more than any other industrial period.
We strive to equip workers and organizations with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to create a workplace that prioritizes well-being and drives economic growth –the workplace of the future.
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Who We Are

Core Principles

  • Anticipating and Innovating: Staying ahead of emerging trends and workplace disruptions, anticipating the skills and jobs of tomorrow, and creating strategies for organizations to adapt proactively.
  • Collaborating and Connecting: Actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders, policymakers and community groups to foster discussion, exchange ideas and drive united action in order to navigate the complexities of the future of work together.
  • Promoting Inclusivity: Identifying and eliminating barriers in employment practices to ensure equal access to opportunities and resources, allowing each person to fulfill their role in strengthening our future.

Strategic Priorities

  • Foster life-long learning: We recognize that continuous learning is fundamental for individuals to thrive in the future of work. We strive to develop innovative educational programs, resources and initiatives that equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and resilience required to navigate the evolving work landscape successfully.
  • Inform Policy and Practice: We are committed to advocating for evidence-based policies and practices that support the future of work. Through our research insights, we strive to influence decision-makers, advocate for equitable and forward-thinking policies and guide organizations in implementing responsible strategies that balance well-being, productivity and innovation.
  • Facilitate Future-Focused Conversations: We are committed to fostering informed public discussion around the future of work. We aim to raise awareness, stimulate conversation and bridge the gap between groups through thought-provoking content, public events and engaging initiatives.
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