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While the Center’s mission is positioned on economic development and individual prosperity…ultimately it is about understanding the changing nature of work, tapping into its full potential, and leveraging it to benefit society as a whole.

The Future of Work and How We Can Help You!

There is rapid and unwavering change disrupting the workplace and workforce, but ultimately for the good of all. Technological innovations, shifting global economies, a changing workforce and societal issues facing people and communities are shaping the future of where, how, and why work gets done.
All of this complicates the horizon for business leaders. It is pushing organizations to look beyond short-term strategy-setting and systems. Business and industry has influence in their communities and the broader society to shape intentions and behaviors of everyone who participates in the world of work. Organizations are being challenged to build a framework around purpose, people and process. Companies who do not keep up with employee, customer and stakeholder expectations could be left behind.

We're here to help organizations and communities navigate change and thrive in the future of work.

Our Focus

  • Our focus is to serve individuals, businesses, Oklahoma and the region by making new knowledge and best practices accessible to organizations through education and professional development programs to meet the needs of the changing workplace and workforce.
  • Offering consulting services and customized programs to assist organizations and communities identify gaps and opportunities to utilize technology, create stronger systems in a digital economy and tap into their workforce’s full potential.
  • Conducting research to better understand and prepare for work of the future, technological integration, workplace culture and social impact.

Our Vision

  • Innovate: Become nationally recognized at the forefront of professional development within the realm of higher education.
  • Educate: Offer cutting edge programs to the nation’s workforce through enhanced avenues of continued learning.
  • Facilitate: Prepare professionals to meet the demands of the ever-changing workforce through open enrollment and customized programs and conferences.

Our Faculty

Spears Business faculty is composed of noted scholars, authors, sought-after consultants and practitioners. Many of our faculty have received outstanding teaching awards and have been recognized for innovative instruction.

They are nationally and internationally recognized for their publications and leadership positions in professional academic associations.

  • Our History
    The OSU business college’s outreach branch was formerly named Commerce Extension when it began in 1953. Since 2004 it has been known as the Center for Executive and Professional Development, most recently shifting to the Center for the Future of Work. The Tulsa Business Forums (est. 1986) and Executive Management Briefings (est. 1989) showcased political and business leaders from around the world, including presidents from the United States (George H.W. Bush), the Soviet Union (Mikhail Gorbachev), Mexico (Vicente Fox) and Poland (Lech Walesa), and most recently in 2021, Martha Stewart.
  • Our Awards

    The outreach team at Spears Business has been recognized with numerous honors over the years.

    • Most recently, the OSU Introductory Tribal Finance and Accounting Certificate program was recognized as the nation’s best by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
    • the OSU Accounting Conferences for the national noncredit program award through the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE).
    • A Spears School of Business faculty member was also recognized by UPCEA for his work in outreach with the national Excellence in Teaching Award.
    • Other programs that have received awards include the:
      • Tulsa Business Forums
      • Leadership Development Consortium and the
      • Executive Education Partnership Program




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