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Jump-start your master's program

Do you want to apply advanced analytics and data science concepts to design, build, operate and improve production systems as well as the bottom line of the business enterprise? The Accelerated Entry Masters in Business Analytics and Data Science for Industrial Engineering Management students is what you are seeking. Through this program, you take graduate courses during your senior undergrad year that apply to both your undergrad and MS degrees, shortening your overall time to a graduate degree.

How to get started

Keep GPA strong

Plan to demonstrate you are prepared to enter into a graduate program by maintaining a strong GPA. Participating in summer internships early enhances your resume and secures evidence of early professional experience.

Begin to explore

Begin your 4+1 exploration with your assigned undergraduate advisor as early as possible (preferably Sophomore or latest by Junior year) to maximize potential for enrollment sequencing during your senior year.

When to apply

When classified as a junior, request an “Advisor Clearance Form” from your advisor and arrange an appointment with the graduate program advisor. You must complete 90-plus hours of undergraduate study to apply to the Graduate College.


To apply early for the MS BAnDS degree, students must be enrolled in the Industrial Engineering and Management undergraduate degree program through the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. Students must complete 90 credit hours or more toward their IEM degree by the end of the term of application. 


Up to 11 credit hours applicable towards the MS BAnDS program can be taken at the graduate level during a student’s senior year. Free elective constraints in the IEM program may limit the quantity of graduate credit hour enrollment during the student’s senior year at the discretion of IEM advisement.

Applicants must submit:

    • Official transcripts with a minimum 3.0 GPA on coursework completed at OSU
    • Three letters of professional recommendation
    • Statement of goals and objectives
    • Vita/resume
    • Official GMAT or GRE results


  • Senior year
    • Fall: Four MS BAnDS hours required. Descriptive Business Analytics (BAN 5733) and Research & Communication I (BANM 5560). Up to seven MS BAnDS hours possible (not surpassing an overall total of 11 hours in fall and spring terms).
    • Spring: Four MS BAnDS hours required. Predictive Business Analytics (BAN 5743) and BAN 5560 Research & Communication II (BAN 5560). Up to seven MS BAnDS hours possible (not surpassing an overall total of 11 hours in fall and spring terms).
    • Summer: Two to six MS BAnDS hours suggested (includes 2 hours of summer internship).
  • Graduate year
    • Fall: 13 MS BAnDS hours suggested.
    • Spring: 11-13 MS BAnDS hours suggested (less or more to satisfy plan of study/degree requirements)
    • Students must receive advance approval from IEM advisement to dually apply up to 11 hours of graduate level coursework towards requirements applicable to the undergraduate degree. Up to one MS BAnDS program core course requirement, Predictive Analytics Technologies (MSIS 5633), will be considered fulfilled/waived upon admission.
    • All graduate coursework taken as a senior and intended to be used toward the MS BAnDS degree must be approved by the Watson Graduate School of Management office. Graduate studies are not to exceed seven credit hours in the fall term or seven credit hours in the spring term of the undergraduate student’s senior year. An 11-credit hour max enrollment during this period complies with the 30% rule. Reduced variations of graduate level enrollment during the senior year will remain possible with advisor notice and approval. However, each undergraduate student admitted to the Accelerated MS BAnDS program must at least take the one-credit hour Research & Communications class (BAN 5560) during the fall and spring of their senior year, as well as BAN 5733 in the fall and BAN 5743 in the spring of the senior year. With appropriate planning and clearance with the Watson office, summer internships following the term of undergraduate program completion may be counted towards the MS BAnDS plan of study as elective credit.
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