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Two Degrees, Amazing Career Potential

If you enjoy analytics and have a interest in technical finance, the dual MSQF + MS BAnDS masters degree program is a perfect fit for you! Many MS BAnDS students desire a greater exposure to quantitative finance and concomitantly. MSQF students interested in data analytics careers need additional specific training in the that area. The rise of the financial technology discipline in recent years means students with knowledge in quantitative finance and data analytics will be well prepared for careers in the industry and will be particularly desirable. 



  • First year fall 
    • FIN 5633 Computational Finance
    • MATH 5473 Financial Calculus   
    • FIN 5833 Student Managed Investment Fund  
  • First year spring
    • FIN 5223 Investment Theory & Strategy
    • FIN 5653 Bond Markets
    • FIN 5243 Innovations in Quantitative Finance 
  • Second year fall 
    • FIN 5763 Derivatives Securities and the Management of Financial Price Risk
    • BAN 5733 Descriptive Business Analytics
    • BAN 5560 Research and Communication
    • MSIS 5193 Predictive Business Analytics
  • Second year spring
    • FIN 5883 Quantitative Fin. Applications
    • BAN 5743 Predictive Business Analytics
    • BAN 5570 Research and Communication
    • BAN Elective   
  • Third year fall
    • BAN 5753 Advanced Business Analytics
    • BAN 5563 Strategic Marketing and Business Analytics 
    • MSIS 5303 Statistics for Data Science
  • Third year spring
    • BAN 5763 Advanced Marketing Research Analytics
    • BAN Electives
  • Optional courses

    These course may be taken as elective courses if desired.

    • BAN 5400 Practicum in Business Analytics
    • FIN 5400 Practicum in Quantitative Finance       


Important notes

The timeline shows the sequence of courses students are advised to take by first getting admitted in the MSQF program. This often works the best for students with an accounting or finance background. Students with non-accounting and non-finance backgrounds may reverse the curriculum and degree workflow by first getting admitted in the MS BAnDS program and then transitioning to the MSQF.  In this case, students admitted to the MS BAnDS program will take BAN classes in Year 1 of the program and apply to the MSQF in the second semester of Year 1. If admitted, students will take a combination of MS BAnDS and MSQF classes in Year 2, finishing their MS BAnDS coursework at the end of Year 2 and graduating with the MS BAnDS degree at that time. Students will then finish the coursework for the MSQF in Year 3 and graduate at the end of Year 3 with their MSQF degree.

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