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Two degrees.

Two countries.

Oklahoma State University and Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP)  offers students in the U.S. and Mexico an opportunity to study business analytics and data science in two countries and get two degrees – one from the U.S. and one from Mexico. The MS BAnDS dual degree program works with students from both OSU and UPAEP individually to create customized plans of study to satisfy degree and admission requirements.
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When, where and how

UPAEP Degree

Master's Degree in Data Science and Business Intelligence

  • Transfer: 9-12 credits from UPAEP

  • Enroll in: 25-28 credits at OSU*

  • UPAEP students pay in-state tuition per dual degree agreement

UPAEP students and UPAEP Global Office at OSU will look for graduate assistant positions after the first semester.


UPAEP students will spend one year at UPAEP and then 1.5 years at OSU and graduate with the two degrees.


*It is recommended students complete the BAnDS program in three semesters at OSU plus a summer internship to increase employability options.

OSU Degree

MS in Business Analytics and Data Science (full-time)

OSU students will spend 1.5 years at OSU and then one year at UPAEP and graduate with two degrees.

Fall semester
  • 10 credit hours

Spring semester
  • 10 credit hours

Summer semester
  • 2 credit hours - internship

Fall semester
  • 3 credit hours + 3

IMPORTANT: If you have a Data Science background, the last course has potential to be waived

Application Requirements

  • Apply to the OSU Graduate College online and meet program requirements*

  • TOEFL 89

  • 2-3 interviews

    • MS BAnDS Director, Coordinator, Alumni

  • No GMAT

    • UPAEP students have a required admission test and interviews at UPAEP before starting the dual degree

*Recommended to have three years of experience or Engineering/data science background.

Need more information?

For more information about OSU application and process contact the Watson Graduate School of Management office: 405-744-2951 or


Contact Alejandro Aizpuru at the UPAEP United States of America Liaison Office at OSU, at 405-744-5342 or



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