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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and Data Mining Programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Academic Program - M.S. in Business Analytics and Data Science (MSBAnDS)

The MS in Business Analytics and Data Science (MSBAnDS) program offers students practical data analysis experience by applying knowledge acquired in classrooms to real-world business problems. This program exposes participants to hands-on data analysis experience using state-of-the-art enterprise level analytics software from commercial (such as SAS, IBM and Tableau) as well as open source software such as (Python, R and TensorFlow) which provide great advantages in the competitive job market.

The MS in Business Analytics candidates may be required to complete knowledge prerequisites to strengthen their analytics skills. Knowledge prerequisites include programming skills (in either C, C#, C++, Java, SQL, Python), basic statistics and probability concepts and basic business knowledge. These prerequisites may be satisfied by prior coursework, industry experience, or a combination of courses and experience. The program director must approve any previous courses, experience, or combination. Students lacking prerequisites may be asked to complete additional courses beyond the minimum basic requirements of credit hours (at least 37 credit hours for on-campus delivery; or 33 credit hours for electronic delivery to working professionals).

Beyond core courses, MSBAnDS students have the choice of specializing in options such as marketing analytics, healthcare analytics, advanced data science or cybersecurity analytics as shown below. Beyond required coursework, MSBAnDS students are also expected to attend and complete several specialized trainings and boot camps as detailed in the plan of study.

Core Courses (22 hours)

  • BAN 5733 Descriptive Business Analytics
  • BAN 5743 Predictive Business Analytics
  • BAN 5753 Advanced Business Analytics
  • MSIS 5633 Business Intelligence Tools & Techniques
  • MSIS 5503 Statistics for Data Science
  • MSIS 5600 Programming for Data Science & Analytics
  • *BAN 5560 (1 hour) Research & Communications I
  • *BAN 5560 (1 hour) Research & Communications II
  • *BAN 5400 Practicum in Business Analytics (2 hours)

* Courses are not required for online students

Electives (15 hours)

Students may specialize in options (below) or, mix-and-match any approved courses to satisfy elective requirements.

Marketing Analytics Option (12 hours)

Required Core (6 hrs):

  • MKTG 5253 Advanced SAS Programming
  • BAN 5763 Adv. Marketing Research Analytics

Electives (6 hrs):

  • MKTG 5133 Marketing Management
  • BAN 5530 Consulting in Marketing Ana
  • BAN 5551 Opt. in Marketing
  • BAN 5561 Customer LTV models
  • BAN 5511 Web Ana. and Digital Marketing
  • BAN 5521 GIS Applications in Marketing
  • ACCT 5183 MBA Financial Reporting
  • Other courses as approved by program director

Advanced Data Science Option (12 hours)

Required (6 hrs):

  • MSIS 5223 Advanced R/Python
  • MSIS 5663 Data Warehousing

Electives (6 hrs):

  • MSIS 5303 Prescriptive Analytics
  • MSIS 5683 Big Data Analytics Technologies
  • MSIS 5713 Scripting
  • MSIS 5900 Advanced Topics
  • Other courses as approved by program director

Health Analytics

Required Core (6 hrs):

  • HCA 5013 Survey of Health Care Admin
  • MSIS 5673 Descriptive Analytics and Visualization

Electives (6 hrs):

  • MSIS 5303 Prescriptive Analytics
  • MSIS 5663 Data Warehousing
  • MSIS 5683 Big Data Analytics Technologies
  • Other courses as approved by program director

Cybersecurity Analytics (12 hours)

Required Core (6 hrs)

  • MSIS 5213 Information Assurance Management
  • MSIS 5773 Upper Layers of Telecom Systems

Electives (6 hrs)

  • MSIS 5243 Information Technology Forensics
  • MSIS 5713 Scripting Essentials
  • MSIS 5663 Data Warehousing
  • Other courses as approved by program director

In addition to the MSBAN degree, students enrolled in this program may also receive all of the following three certificates (depending on elective courses taken, credentials achieved, etc.):