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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Professional Development Courses

Have you ever noticed there are people who always seem to say the right things, look great, and appear comfortable in any situation? Those people seem to have “it”, but what’s “it”? “It” is a special set of learned skills enabling people to act appropriately in all social and business situations. In order for our students to get “it”, Spears School Graduate Career Services offers Professional Development courses for students in the MBA, MSMIS and MSTM programs (MBA 5100, MSIS 5600, and MSTM 5590). These courses provide students the opportunity to grow outside the classroom and enhance their abilities to get “it”.

The courses entitled Professional Development and Professional Development for Technologists are required for full time MBA, MSIS and MSTM students contain all the secrets to your potential success. Each semester the PD and PDT classes present new and innovative approaches to your success along with a host of executive guests and skills development projects and exercises.