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Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

All submitted information is deemed the property of the participating teams and any licensors. All judges work as professionals and investors who routinely evaluate business plans and protect the property of others in the process; however, they do not sign any non-disclosure agreements to participate in this competition. Teams are strongly encouraged not to provide any specifics or details that are considered to be intellectual property or the key to intellectual property. There will be no penalty in judging when a question or issue is not fully addressed because of concerns over confidentiality.


Scholarship Payments

Scholarship awards for participants in the Riata Business Plan Competition are only permitted to for distribution into OSU students bursar accounts. If a balance is owed on a competitor's bursar account, scholarship funds awarded through the competition will be applied to said balance before any remaining funds are available to the participant.


Individuals with scholarship restrictions should be aware that additional scholarships received can affect all previous scholarship awards. Individuals should contact OSU Financial Aid Office at their earliest convenience if they have any questions.


For additional information or questions regarding the Riata Business Plan Competition, please do not hesitate to contact Paula McCullough at or call 405-744-7552.

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