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Proctor Policies

Proctored Examinations

A proctored exam is a supervised exam. Students are responsible for arranging a testing center or online testing service (ProctorU) to oversee the exam process. Students enrolled in course(s) requiring proctored exams, must have a proctor on file for each course each semester. The proctor information must be submitted one week prior to the start of the course, and approved by the Online Learning office in Spears School of Business.

Students are not to handle exam after taking under any circumstances. Proctored Exams are not to be removed from the testing center at any time.

Exam Administration

The Online Learning Office will email exams and instructions to the testing center on file, three days prior to the start of the exam or as soon as the exam is made available by the professor. Students can view when an exam is scheduled and has been sent to the proctor by checking the exam calendar. The Online Learning office will also notify students by email when each exam has been sent to their proctor. This process may be delayed if a proctor has not been selected/approved within the first week of class.

Students should plan to take exams within the time allowed per the directions of the instructor.

Students are responsible for testing fees and test taking supplies.

If student is taking a paper-based exam, after completed, the proctor will send the exam to the Online Learning office. Proctored Exams are not to be removed from the testing center at any time or handled by student.


The Online Learning Office will not accept e-mail accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail. A proctor’s email must be a legitimate business email account.
If a student is not able to take the exam at the designated time, special arrangements need to be approved by the instructor. The Online Learning Office will not approve any requests for examination procedures that are not set by the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to refuse a make-up exam, assign an alternative exam, or not accept exams that are turned in late.

Academic Integrity

Spears School of Business as well as OSU are committed to teaching and upholding integrity as a core value. Academic integrity ensures fairness for students as well as preservation of our reputation. We ask that students respect OSU’s commitment to academic integrity and uphold the values of honesty and responsibility that preserve our academic community.

Oklahoma State University Academic Integrity policy.

Selecting a Proctor

Each semester the student will need to update for each course(s) a proctor to be used with the Spears School Online Learning Office one week prior to the start of the course.

Students may use one of the Spears Online Learning pre-approved proctors or submit a new Proctor Agreement Form.

If student is using a pre-approved proctor, once selected, will be saved to the students file for use for the current semester.

If student is selecting a new proctor, after the form has been submitted, an email is sent to the testing center requesting proctor service. If the testing center agrees, the Online Learning office will be notified. The student will then receive email notification upon final approval from the Online Learning office.

Due to limited availability of certified testing facilities, paper based exams are unable to be administered to students located internationally. Students should verify exam method in a course prior to enrolling, if international travel is required. Students located internationally during exam period(s) for an online administered exam (Brightspace) are required to use ProctorU, an online testing service. Students may contact the Online Learning office before enrolling to determine if the course will require proctored paper exams. Military students deployed internationally may use a testing center located on base.

To identify and select a proctor, click here.

Students needing to change their proctor during the semester must do so no later than 4 days prior to the exam start date. This will ensure the exam reaches the proctor within the testing window. If the proctor is changed less than 4 days prior to the exam start date, contact the Spears Online Office at and let them know.

For more information contact the Online Learning Office at 405-744-4048 or