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The Eastin Center staff as of fall 2023.

10 years of the Eastin Center

Discover the importance

Join the Spears School of Business in celebrating a decade of the Eastin Center for Career Readiness. Check this webpage throughout the semester for updates of additional content that highlights the impact the center has had on the college.

Message from Director

It’s time to celebrate the transformative power of vision and generosity. As we commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Eastin Center for Career Readiness, we pay homage to a decade of pioneering excellence made possible by the remarkable contribution and unwavering support of the Eastin family.

Embedded within our ethos is the essence of career readiness – a philosophy that infuses our students with vital skills, an unwavering mindset and preparedness crucial for triumph in the intricate tapestry of the professional world. It embodies our commitment not just to produce job seekers, but to empower future trailblazers and innovators poised to leave an indelible mark.

As we revel in this monumental milestone, we celebrate not only a decade of accomplishments but the profound impact on students who venture into the world armed with the invaluable gifts of confidence, skills and resilience. It would not have been possible without the generosity and vision of the Eastin family and the enduring legacy of the Eastin Center.

Robin Darmon
Director, Eastin Center for Career Readiness

Career readiness

Students have the opportunity to become career-ready. What do employers have to say about the students they receive from the Eastin Center?

100 for 100

Spears Tributes
Joe Eastin was one of the OSU alums honored in the "Spears School Tributes: 100 For 100" in 2014 during the 100th anniversary of business education at OSU. 

10years of the Eastin Center

Now assisting hundreds of students each semester

91%of students report more confidence

in their career path following their Eastin Center appointments

Employers know

The Eastin Center for Career Readiness helps students grow professionally with networking connection opportunities.

Making an impactFrom 2020-2023 alone, the Eastin Center’s impact on Spears students has been felt far and wide:

Student resumes reviewed by professionals

One-on-one coaching appointments

Mock interviews with students

Business students attended an OSU career fair


Professionally shaping students

Students speak on how the resources available at the Eastin Center prepare them for interviews and careers after college.

Confidence is key

Students build professional skills that last a professional lifetime with the Eastin Center.

Our coaches make the difference

"The care and intentionality that goes into the student’s development; they feel it, and then it shows.” - Lexi Marroquin, BOK Financial
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