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A bridge between education and business. Are you wondering what you can do to help develop top management in your organization? You are invited to send leaders from your company to attend this one-week executive development program.


The Executive Education Partnership is a customized, executive education program developed with input from the organizations participating as partners. This business/academic partnership allows bridges to be built between the educational and business communities. Senior faculty from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma serve as on-site “hosts” and ensure continuity and provide extra opportunities for one-on-one consultation with participants.


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"I have attended countless leadership development programs, but none compared to this program. The caliber of speaker’s information, and amazing organization of this program cannot be beat. I am energized to return to work after this program."


  • Participants-who should attend
    The program will be most beneficial for executive and upper-level managers like you who have at least 5 years of management and supervisory experience and who are assuming greater responsibilities. It will be particularly helpful as you confront the challenges of managing multifunctional resources in project implementations and work toward improving your overall leadership effectiveness in strategy execution.
  • What you will learn
    The curriculum of the Executive Education Partnership Program is designed to equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills to lead in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This program will help you with the following:
    • Broaden your perspective of your role as a manager
    • Build an understanding of the changing structure of your organization to make it more competitive
    • Increase your understanding of the special functions and responsibilities of business in society
    • Improve your analytical and decision-making skills at a strategic level
      Increase your ability to work effectively through team building
  • Session Descriptions

    Emotional Intelligence (the ability to effectively identify and engage emotion) and Self-Awareness (the ability to accurately perceive ourselves and our impact on others) have become two of the hottest topics in executive development. Emotional intelligence (EI) and self-awareness (SA) are indicators of highly effective leaders. This presentation is devoted to enhancing participants’ self-awareness through Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI). Participants are guided through reflective and competency-building discussion and exercises.

    This session provides an opportunity to discuss ethical issues that arise in organizational settings by employing a series of interactive case studies. Best practices for corporate compliance programs are examined. The session also surveys the regulatory environment and proposes techniques for managing ethical and legal issues to better meet organizational goals.

    Decision making and teamwork are essential leadership skills. The simulation will broaden your understanding of target market selection and positioning of brands in that market, value creation in product design, cash fl ow planning, profitability analysis, and strategic planning and management. The overall experience will stimulate you to consider the effects of your decisions on the organization. A spirit of team dynamics, competition and integration of concepts learned are skills you can take back with you and apply immediately to your organizational setting.

    Your employee’s productivity is most directly impacted by your ability to mentor him or her. This session will focus on your ability to influence others during discussions, informal negotiations and personal interactions. Learn to break through the barriers that often block your message. You will develop the power necessary to be an effective and well-received messenger, learn to avoid conflicts and confrontations and use bargaining power to your advantage. These goals are achieved by identifying important factors that impact your ability to persuade and connect with others around you.



    Change is pervasive. Change is challenging. With the correct formula for leading and managing change, change can be exciting and profitable. This seminar introduces participants to the complexities and processes of change from the individual to the industry level. Change can come in the form of growth, restructuring, mergers, divestitures, and re-engineering. After attending this seminar, participants will understand how change affects individuals, departments, and companies. Participates will receive tools for assessing change readiness, planning for change, implementing a change process, dealing with resistance to change, and evaluating change initiatives.

    The evidence is clear – top performers have strong negotiation skills. However, the evidence is also clear that great negotiators are made, not born. In this session we will discuss the fundamentals of negotiating such as preferred negotiating styles, our goals, the other party’s underlying needs and interests, and the use of leverage. A simulation will allow attendees to put into practice the skills discussed.

    Often, individuals as well as organizations find themselves with decision-making problems—trying to solve the same problems with the same solutions. You will discover how to tap individual creativity to help redefine and refocus problems and solutions—how to become a creative problem solver/critical thinker. The techniques of creative problem solving will address conflict resolution, group decision-making, delegation, and leadership roles.

    Both organizations and individuals profit from the ability to create value. Leaders have the ability to make smart decisions, solve problems and maintain profitable relationships. This program focuses on the vital role that mindset and thinking play in the development of these skills. Participants will be encouraged to challenge the status quo and question conventional wisdom. In short, the goal of this session is to help you become conscious of your thought processes and to give you tools and ideas to improve the way you think—to empower you to create more value.

    Profitable relationships are the key to any successful enterprise. This session will help you develop the skills necessary to establish and maintain a productive working relationship with both outside clients and individuals within your organization.

    Superior organizational communication is a source of added value in high performing companies. This interactive exercise relies on familiar psychological profiling to help participants recognize personality traits that help or hinder group communication. Participants will identify strategic ways of tailoring both verbal and non-verbal communication methods to match personality types, helping their organizations save time, manage conflict, and build stronger interpersonal relationships that ultimately shape organizational culture.

  • Program policies

    If a participant would like to cancel her/his registration less than 10 days prior to the program, you are welcome to send a substitute. A refund is available given notification no later than 11 days prior to the program. If you are cancelling your registration or transferring your registration to a colleague, please contact the OSU Center for the Future of Work at 405-744-5208 or, we will send you an email confirming your cancellation and refund if applicable.

    For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Kelle DeBord at 405-744-5208 or

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