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Not all classrooms have four walls

Students who participate in The CAGLE programs often say it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The benefits of being immersed in another culture and learning a different way of life go beyond what can be learned from lectures and homework alone.


traveled to since 2015

400+Spears students

participate in The CAGLE study abroad programs every year


Students earn life experience and a greater perspective of the world. Other study abroad benefits include:
  • Employers welcome signs of acceptance of challenges.

  • Communication skills are improved.

  • Creativity and knowledge base are improved as one experiences the diverse ideas and lifestyles.

  • Teaches the value of diversity and an understanding of cultural differences.

  • Gives a broader view of trade and world events.

  • Adventure, excitement, and fun! 


Student testimonials

Hayden Cashion

“I had a wonderful time studying abroad in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with the senior cohort of the Spears Scholar Leaders. I was able to not only grow as a professional, but also as an individual, all while being able to experience a culture completely different than my own. Studying abroad through Spears is a life-changing experience that I would strongly recommend to students who are on the fence about it.”

- Hayden Cashion
Accounting, Summer in Thailand, 2019
Ria Sutherland

"Going to Iceland is a trip that I will never forget because of its stunning beauty, its people, and its rich history! It was an amazing experience, getting the opportunity to go to the number one place on my travel bucket list. The faculty and staff all did an incredible job leading the trip, and fellow students that were on the trip made this experience even better. I would highly recommend the Iceland trip or any other CAGLE study abroad program because going abroad is a once in a lifetime experience.”

- Ria Sutherland
Sports Management, Spring Break in Iceland, 2019
Madison Oliver

"I had the most unforgettable time in India. It was a completely different experience from anything I had ever done before. The temples, palaces, forts, and overall sights that we saw were truly beautiful. It was also so amazing that I got to experience all of that alongside some great friends, it made the whole trip much better! Everything that we did in India, from start to finish, was one of the best experiences of my life!!"

- Madison Oliver
Marketing, Winter in India 2020

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