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Case Competition team finalized

Friday, October 23, 2020

Oklahoma State’s Case Competition team was finalized Oct. 9. Six teams of current MBA candidates competed against each other using a case from Apache Corporation in 2018. 


The case competition was launched Sept. 25 and students had one week to finalize their presentations before presenting virtually to a panel of judges. The presentations were given a 20-minute maximum with a 10-minute question-and-answer session immediately following.


The field was cut in half upon completion of the first round. The judges, all OSU alumni, selected three teams to move to the placement round of competition: Case Closed, Case in Point and Gold Team.


The selected teams were given recommendations on how to improve their presentations by the judges, but editing of presentation content was prohibited. 


The placement round took place Oct. 9 using the same three-judge and 20- minute presentation time format. Case Closed presented first, Case in Point second and Gold Team finished the competition, presenting last. 


After nearly an hour of deliberation, the judges selected Gold Team as the winner of the 2020 OSU MBA Case Competition.


“It was a great feeling,” said Gold Team’s Josh Parrack, who was awarded the team’s “Best Question and Answer” by the judges. 


This first chance to compete will come at the Baylor Ethics Case Competition Nov. 6-13. Baylor’s competition is being hosted via Zoom.


The most prestigious event that Gold Team will compete in is the Big 12 Case Competition. Oklahoma State has the honor of hosting the Big 12 Case Competition in the spring.


Runners-up Case in Point will serve as an alternate if the first place team is unable to compete for any reason.


The results and rosters for the six teams are shown below:

1st - Gold Team: Archer Bennett*, Josh Parrack^, Madi Gustin, Sukhi Khosla 

2nd - Case in Point: Harrison Muegge*, Zack Youngblood^, Amy O’Brien, Hayden Bonine

3rd - Case Closed: Brian Seale*, Jack Colley^, Davis Boyd, Ryan Shaffer

T-4th - Business Casual: Sam Lewallen*, Zack Terry^, Jared Leonetti, Paula Saramiento

T-4th - Girl Power: Carley Lowmiller, Carly Bender, Ashlyn Hughes, Lucy Quiroz

T-4th - Global Elite Firm: Ray Li, Lauren Fike, Imen Amiri, Barrett Schwandt


* - Best Presenter

^ - Best Question-and-Answer

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