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October Global Student of the Month

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Maria Simon at Spears Business


Our Undergraduate Global Student of the Month is Maria Simon.


Maria is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She is currently in her second semester of Junior year, pursuing a degree in Management with an emphasis in Human Resources and a minor in Business Sustainability.


“I come from Santa Cruz, Bolivia which is known as the flat part in Bolivia. In my city it is summer almost all year long except for 2-3 weeks around the end of June and July where we have rain and the temperature drops to around 55 degrees which is not bad at all. It is perfect weather for golfing which is my favorite sport.”


“We are also known as the land of opportunity, over the years we have grown so much economically and socially, we are also the largest city in Bolivia.”


“Our main plate is called Majadito and it is basically rice with beef jerky, it is so good and there are two ways it is served. One is with dry rice, and one is with wet rice. We also have the best steak in the world, I truly believe that there is no better steak than ours. My favorite holiday back home is Carnival, it is a 4 day holiday where people go out to the streets and throw water balloons at each other, paint, foam, beers, and just have fun on the streets or in their own parties. Every year there is someone who is elected to be the queen of Carnival and she parades down the streets in her themed car wearing her themed dress. It truly is a wonderful place and I would recommend everyone who has the chance to go visit.”

 Marie Simon at an OSU football game

Best memories/experiences at OSU

Maria has enjoyed being at Oklahoma State and getting to experience life in a college town.


“I decided to move to OSU because I wanted to be in a college town. I also really love the campus and I love the team spirit and cowboy pride. When I moved to Oklahoma I had no idea I would be meeting so many Latin people. I joined the Latin American Student Association and I made some of my closest friends there, it is so nice to have people with similar cultures and customs. This year we had a Latin Chef Night and it was amazing having so many different foods from all other Latin America.”

 Marie Simon with her friends

Accomplishments and Hobbies

Maria has made efforts to gain valuable leadership experience in different communities while at Oklahoma State University. She currently serves as the president of the Transfer Student Organization and the president of the Latin American Student Association. She is a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity and a member of the Latin Business Student Association. When she isn’t busy developing leadership skills and serving her community, she loves to travel and play a good round of golf.


“The biggest thing that stands out about being an international student is that I am trilingual; I can speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese. I have also had the chance to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. I was part of the golf team at my previous university and being a business major I believe that playing golf is something that can stand out. I really enjoy my time out in the golf course.”


We are proud to call Maria an Oklahoma State University Cowgirl, and our Global Student of the Month! Congratulations Maria!

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