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November Graduate Global Student of the Month

Friday, November 13, 2020

Global student of the month


Our Graduate Global Student of the Month is Emmanuella Takyiwah Obeng. A native of Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, Emmanuella is currently pursuing her Masters in Quantitative Financial Economics.


Ghana is pretty much right at the center of the world, being both close to the equator and on the Greenwich Meridian, which represents 0° longitude. On a map you will find Ghana on the west coast of the continent of Africa! The country is about equal parts sandy desert, shrubby savannah, and lush rainforest. The area along the coast is dry, but the heat is tempered by the cool breezes blowing in off of the Atlantic Ocean.


We asked Emmanuella what stands out most to her about her country and culture.

I believe Ghana is the friendliest African country. Ghanaians are always warm and welcoming.”


Emmanuella was born and raised in Ghana and only came to the states last year to pursue her graduate education. She received her bachelor’s degree from one of the finest universities in Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

What are a few interesting facts about Ghana? Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence from colonialism. Kumasi, Ghana, is the home to the largest open-air market in West Africa. Ghana is known for its butterflies. Kakum National Park is home to over 600 species of butterfly! 

Global student of the month

Experience at OSU 

Emmanuella arrived in Stillwater in 2019. This was her first time leaving Ghana and a significant step for her and her education.


“I decided to study at OSU mainly because of the course content of my program here. I've been here for a year now and I really love it.”


Emmanuella is part of the student organization, Cowboy Cousins.


“Cowboy cousins is a student organization made up of both international and local students. International students are paired up with local students and we get to settle in quickly, share our culture with them and learn from them as well. Through this group, I get to feel closer to the OSU community as everyone is very loving and welcoming.”

Global student of the month


Emmanuella enjoys hiking with her friends. This summer she took a group of friends to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness in Tulsa and finished one of the longest hikes. 


Emmanuella loves reading! Her favorite genre is Suspense and she enjoys detective series.

“I love books on law as well. John Grisham is one of my favorite writers. Oh and I love Jeffrey Archer. I’ve read all his books in the Clifton Chronicles. Best Kept Secret was my fav.”


During quarantine Emmanuella developed a love for a new hobby, baking! Her first successful baking adventure was banana cake, but her favorite recipe is her shortbread cookies!


Emmanuella we are glad to call you an OSU Cowgirl and our Graduate Global Student of the Month! Congratulations!  

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