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Spears alumna Ginger Kollmann to lead JPMorgan Chase's Oklahoma team

Monday, July 27, 2020

Ginger Kollmann, who earned OSU degrees in both Management Information Systems (MIS) and Management, has taken over as JPMorgan Chase’s top executive in Oklahoma. With 300 employees and 27 branches, JPMorgan Chase has 900,000 customers and clients across the state.


She has been to her fair share of OSU sporting events over the years, and even cheered for the Cowboys and Cowgirls as a member of the OSU pom squad from 1993-97 as a business student. We recently asked Kollmann how her OSU education prepared her for the leadership role and how her education helped shape her into the person she is today.

Ginger Kollmann 

Tell us a little about your roots.

I am an Oklahoma native, grew up in Claremore and graduated from Claremore High School in 1993. I was brainwashed to bleed orange from birth. My grandfather, Paul Neely, graduated from Oklahoma A&M on the GI Bill in 1949 and was later inducted into the OSU Hall of Fame in 2008. He and my grandma took my brother, my cousins and I to countless OSU sporting events growing up. I didn’t even consider any other schools. OSU was home.


Why did you pursue degrees in Management Information Systems and Management at OSU? Who are some of the faculty that had an impact on your education/life?

I pursued MIS because it was the “hot” major at the time. I was very analytical and process oriented, so it fit me well. Dr. Rick Wilson is my all-time favorite professor. He had the most impact on me in college. He made learning fun. I still stay in touch with him today. I also loved Dr. Ken Eastman – his positivity is contagious. I did not have Dr. Andy Urich in college, but I have worked with him in my professional life. His advice has had a profound impact on my career.  


How did OSU help shape your career?

Growing up in a small town with a close-knit family, I was in a bit of a bubble. OSU provided the perfect transition to adulthood and long-term career success because I was surrounded by a community of quality, hard-working, humble and goal-oriented people who are the heart and soul of the OSU culture and family we all love.    


What is a fond memory from your time at OSU?

My favorite memory was being on the OSU pom squad with several of my sorority sisters and my cousin, Crystle. Our grandparents were over the moon coming to football and basketball games with their granddaughters on the field and the court.

 Ginger Kollmann and cousin Crystle

What are some accomplishments that you are proud of since leaving OSU?

I’m proud that I have worked for three amazing companies during my career – Williams, BOK and JPMorgan Chase. But most of all, I’m proud of and thankful for the relationships I have in my life with my family, friends, current and former colleagues, and community partners. On a personal note, I’m really proud of my three children – Grant, who is a senior at Cascia Hall and will attend OSU in 2021, and my 13-year-old twins, Reed & Neely, as well as my two stepsons, Britton and Brooks, both proud OSU alums.


What does it mean to you to be selected to succeed David Page as JPMorgan Chase’s top executive in Oklahoma?

David Page is a banking legend, an incredible leader, an unbelievable mentor, and a beloved friend. His career has positively impacted countless individuals, including me. I’m succeeding him as Executive Director, Market Manager for our Private Bank in Oklahoma and Head of the Oklahoma Market Leadership Team. I look forward to working with my partners in Commercial Banking, Business Banking, Chase Wealth Management and our Retail Branch network to continue David’s legacy for our firm in Oklahoma.  


What opportunities does this provide for you? 

It gives me the opportunity to work with a team of extremely talented professionals who are very well positioned to bring all of the world-class resources JPMorgan Chase has to offer to our state, while focusing on our clients, being active in our community and providing a positive culture for our employees.


What advice would you give to current OSU students? 

  • Never be afraid to learn or try something new.  
  • Over communicate and learn the art of follow-through.  
  • Always exceed expectations – I call this X + 1.  If X is what is expected, deliver something more (X + 1).  
  • Focus on building quality and genuine relationships with everyone around you.  
  • Be humble.
  • Be a positive person who brings people up.
  • Smile.       


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