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Spears School of Business

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Celebrating Spears

In 2014, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of business education at Oklahoma State University, and we proudly recognized the “Spears School Tributes: 100 For 100.” These tributes represent a rich history and diversity of experience among those who earned a business degree from OSU.

Jack Allen

Business (1969)

Mae Badiyan

Marketing (2003)

William C. Barnes

Accounting (1976)

David Batchelder

Accounting (1971)

Gene Batchelder

Accounting (1969)

Bruce T. Benbrook

Finance (1976)

Armon H. Bost

Economics (1933)

Jessie Thatcher Bost

Oklahoma A&M College (1897)

Karl G. Bovee

Finance (1991)

Ann E. Bradshaw

Accounting (1983)
Master’s in Accounting (1984)

David Bradshaw

Finance (1980)

Don Brattain

Management (1962)

Garth Brooks

MBA (2011)

Larry J. Bump

Accounting (1964)

Connie Tatum Burnett

Finance (1984)

Roger Cagle

General Business (1973)
MBA in Finance (1975)

Vickie Carr

Accounting (1985)

Karen Walters Chapel

Accounting (1977)

Stan Clark 

Business Administration (1975)

John Clerico

Finance (1964)

Tom A. Coburn

Accounting (1970)

Justin L. Courtney

Finance (1997)

G. Michael Crooch

Accounting (1966)

Eddy R. Ditzler

Accounting (1978)
Master’s in Accounting (1981)

Tim DuBois

Accounting (1971)
Master’s in Accounting (1972)

Joseph Eastin

Marketing/Business Administration (1992)

Charles R. Eitel

Business Administration (1971)

Kyle Ensley

International Business (2009)
Political Science (2009)

Frank Fairbanks

Finance (2005)
Accounting, MS (2005)

Larry Donald Ferree

Business Administration (1959)
MBA (1961)

Dan Gilliam

Accounting (1979)

Ike Glass

Management (1952)

Rick Green

Marketing (1970)

Michael L. Greenwood

Business Administration (1977)

Jim Griffith

Business Administration (1975)

Jennifer Reid Grigsby

Accounting (1991)

B. Curtis Hamm

Marketing (1955)
MBA (1962)

Bill C. Hardgrave

Information Systems, Ph.D. (1993)

Jay Helm

Business Administration (1970)

Chuck Hensley

General Business (1967)

Mike Holder

Marketing (1970)
MBA (1973)

Rex Horning

Business Administration (1974)

Scott Allen Householder

Marketing (1980)
MBA (1981)

David L. Houston

Business Administration (1975)

Samuel H. Howard

Business Administration (1961)

Jim Hromas

Accounting (1967)
MBA (1970)
Ph.D. in Marketing with minors in Management and Economics (1982)

Behfar Jahanshahi

MSIS (1998)
Master’s in Telecommunications Management (2000)

Carlos E. Johnson

MS (1966)
Bus Ed & Accounting, Ed.D. (1977)

Griff Jones

Finance (1991)

Robert Karlovich

Accounting (1942)

Edward F. Keller

Finance (1963)

Joe B. Kreger

MBA (1999)

George W. Krull Jr.

Master’s in Accounting (1966)

John C. Linehan

Accounting (1961)

Tucker Link

Accounting (1972)

Linda Ann Parrack Livingstone

Economics and Management (1982)
MBA (1983)
Ph.D. in Business Administration (1992)

Lee Manzer

Chemistry (1965)
MBA (1966)
Ph.D. (1974)

Greg Massey

Finance (1987)

Robert A. McCormick

Finance/Economics (1981)
MBA (1983)

James C. McElroy

Administrative Sciences, Ph.D. (1979)

Liz Norris McKinley

Marketing and Management (1981)

John Meinders

Accounting/Computer Science (1987)

Connie Newman Mitchell

Business Administration (1972)

James M. Morris II

Business Administration (1973)

Suzanne & Norman Myers

Suzanne: Business Administration (1957)
Norman: Banking and Finance (1958)

Duck-Woo Nam

Economics, Master’s (1960)
Economics, Ph.D. (1961)

Jerry R. Nichols

General Business (1964)

Preston Nicholson

Management (2004)

Don Nickles

Business Administration (1971)

Shelby Norman

Finance (2007)

Matthew J. O’Brien

Management (1981)
MBA (1983)

James M. Parker

Accounting (1964)

Neal L. Patterson

Finance (1971)
MBA (1972)

Tim Petrikin

Finance (1990)

Richard (Dick) W. Poole

Ph.D. in Economics (1960)
Dean Emeritus

Mike Pregler

Accounting (1975)

Dennis H. Reilley

Finance (1975)

Thomas F. Riley Jr.

Master’s in Accounting (1968)

Robert (Bob) L. Sandmeyer

Master’s in Economics (1958)
Ph.D. in Economics (1962)
Dean Emeritus

Jenelle S. Schatz

Accounting (1975)

Ken Seaman

BS & MS Accounting (1983)

M.B. “Bud” Seretean

Marketing (1949)

Alicia Ogrin Smales

Business Administration (1981)

William S. Spears

Marketing (1962)

Glenn Stinchcomb

Management, BS (1952)
Accounting, MS (1961)

Steve Tatum

Marketing (1983)

Clayton Taylor

Business Administration (1974)

James R. Taylor

Accounting (1969)

Russell W. Teubner

Management Science Computer Systems (1978)

Patricia Anne Tilford

Secretarial Administration, BS (1960)
Business Education, MS (1978)

Roy E. Townsdin

Accounting (1959)
Master’s in Accounting (1961)

Steve Tuttle

Marketing (1973)

Chuck Watson

Economics (1972)

Brandon Weeden

Marketing (2011)

Dail C. West

Marketing (1940)

Rod Whitson

Economics (1981)
MBA (1983)

Jon Wiese

Finance (1978)
MBA (1983)

Brad Williams

Agricultural Economics (1977)
Master’s in Accounting (1979)

Paul Wise

Accounting (1931)

David Woods

Management (1980)

John M. Yeaman

Human Resource Management (1963)

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